A new Chief WNO collected $ 4.6 Million in Coinbase Stock for US Job

Inside the Coinbase Office As A Company Wants Wall Street To Resolve Its Bitcoin Trust Issues

Photographer: Michael Short / Bloomberg

The new principal regulator of US national banks abolished $ 4.6 million in Coinbase Inc. stock options when he left the cryptocurrency exchange earlier this year to join the government, according to financial disclosures he was required to file.

Brian Brooks, who became interim head of the Currency Manager’s Office last month, has said he plans to leverage the experience he gained at Coinbase in San Francisco and other tech companies to push the financial technology agenda in the year 157- years. agency, including opening banking charters for technology companies.

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Source: Office of Currency Manager

“I think we can charter a number of organizations, some of which are current candidates with their roots in technology,” Brooks said in an interview last week, arguing that a solution for 50 state regulators is too difficult for fintech companies who want to do business nationwide. “We need a national financial system, and the OCC is the platform for doing that.”