Another day, always another high – Bitcoin hitting $ 24K in weekend surge

Bitcoin (BTC) always set a new peak on December 19 as marketers continue to provide surprises when trading at weekends.

The price of BTC has just hit a record high

Data from Cointelegraph Markets and Tradingview showed that BTC / USD eclipsed its highest-level set ever this week, reaching $ 24,210 on Coinbase before reversing.

Volatility was high as the previous record high of $ 23,777 surrendered before resistance kicked in again. According to exchange order book data, sellers are ready at $ 24,000, with that area now forming a psychological barrier that is currently under attack by bulls.

BTC / USD hourly chart (Coinbase). Source: Tradingview

“Let’s go, always another high during weekend hours?” Cointelegraph Markets Analyst Michaël van de Poppe tweets, looking eagerly at the renewed energy in Bitcoin markets.

Bitcoin exchange buying and selling areas (white = more orders). Source: Material Indicators

Trader warns that $ 18.5K still supports watches

The move continues a trend that has developed in recent weeks, with significant prices occurring at weekends rather than weekdays only.

On Saturday, meanwhile, Van de Poppe urged caution, arguing that vital support still lies much lower on the BTC / USD chart at $ 18,500.

“Such vertical rallies are not sustainable for long. So, a correction will happen at some point. However, anyone’s guess is to predict when it will happen as Bitcoin could easily run to $ 30,000 and then see a correction of 30%, ”he summed up.