Arthur Silva talks about football opportunities and Brazilian Bitcoin


Arthur Silva of Coingaming has developed an affinity for the national sport of football in Brazil. Local opinion is that football is a religion in Brazil and it is difficult to argue that point when considering the rich history of the national team. Silva sat down with Bevin Liggero Fontana’s lead report to share his insights into the potential opportunities for gaming operators in the Brazilian market.

Although Brazil is not quite the wild west of the games market, Silva was keen to stress that it is an easier market if you have the right people on the ground. “I think it starts with who advises you in Brazil,” Silva stressed.

“Our presence in Brazil is amazingly good,” he added.

Liggero Fontana was keen to find out if there is a market for Bitcoin and blockchain in Brazil at some point in the future for gaming operators. According to Silva, the current landscape in Brazil is not friendly towards Bitcoin and blockchain for a simple reason. “Thirty per cent of the population do not have access to the internet.”

Opportunities for blockchain and Bitcoin will come when the government seeks to build a robust internet infrastructure, which is stable and widely available to the local mass market. Silva believes that letting nature take its course in the customer withdrawal process is the best course of action. “We believe this is a natural process, once customers experience slow down on deposit, we will never see the customer go back to fiat,” he said.

A huge part of Silva’s business in Brazil has been building the relationship with Flamengo football club. Flamengo is one of the biggest teams in Brazil, with fans that span the entire country. According to Silva, the club holds a special place in the hearts of Brazilian football fans.

“One in four Brazilians support Flamengo, it has a very special setup because it doesn’t just include Rio de Janeiro, it has penetrations in eastern Brazil, which is a very important market for us,” said Silva.

According to Silva, the sponsorship tour was an evolutionary process with the Flamengo club. “We had a chance to get the shoulder, and you know we got the taste from digital it was huge. It was a very good surprise for us, when we had the opportunity to embrace it, ”he said.

The partnership with Flamengo has helped the Silva brand build some strong roots in the Brazilian market, thanks to its broad fan base. “We choose the club because it fits our Brazilian strategy perfectly, we wanted a club that covers the whole territory,” he added.

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