BEST Rewards Repeat # 1

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Welcome to our very first BEST Reward Recap. We have seen some nice price increases over the last few months and BEST is gaining some real momentum. More and more people are aware of how easy it is to collect up to 1% of their BEST holdings each month through the BEST Rewards program. This makes it one of the loyalty programs – if not the best – out there! Time for some statistics, so get comfortable and enjoy.

First, let’s go back to the beginning. As you already know, we announced our BEST Rewards loyalty program on 31 March, which, when used, increases your BEST holdings by up to 12.68% per year! In order to receive your BEST Rewards, you must hold BEST in your Bitpanda wallet, do at least one monthly trade and actively claim your BEST Rewards. If you are not sure how to do this, you can find an explanation here.

Amount of BEST on Bitpanda used to claim BEST Awards

As you may know, anyone who holds a BEST can claim BEST Rewards, no matter how BEST you have. We are very happy to inform you that around 80% of all BEST on Bitpanda was used by our users to claim their BEST Rewards in November.

Total users claiming BEST Rewards

In November, we reached a record number of total consumers claiming their BEST Rewards. More than 32,000 consumers have claimed their BEST Awards, which is a 23% increase since October when more than 26,000 consumers claimed them! Just to compare, in April (the first month of running the program) about 15K users claimed their BEST Rewards.

Total BEST paid through BEST Awards to date

And this brings us to another point, the exact amount of BEST Rewards paid to our consumers. Since the launch of the program, we paid 16,778,150 BEST through the BEST Awards program which equates to € 2,565,379 with today’s BEST price. On December 1, 2020, 2,275,866 BEST (€ 347,980) was distributed to our consumers who claimed their BEST Rewards in November 2020.

Other BEST benefits

We would also like to remind you quickly of some other BEST benefits. On top of our BEST Rewards program, everyone who uses BEST to pay trading premiums with its guaranteed value of € 0.12 (or its market value if the BEST price is higher) gets a 25% discount too! Don’t forget that you, as a BEST VIP user, can enjoy lower deposit fees when depositing via SOFORT or credit cards on Bitpanda. Also, stay tuned for more information on our regular ticket burns and our latest coin votes!

Are you inspired and ready to buy some BEST?

You can buy BEST on Bitpanda or Bitpanda Pro.

You can also exchange any supported cryptocurrency, stablecoin and even gold, silver, palladium and platinum digitized to BEST. Happy trading!

Please note that we will adhere to our policy of not reporting the exact amount of BEST collected for competition reasons.