Best YouTube channels about Bitcoin & crypto markets

YouTube is a great place to find valuable content on topics that interest you, and Bitcoin with the rest of the crypto market is no exception.

best YouTube channels to learn about crypto and bitcoin

Although the The YouTube algorithm is not very friendly towards crypto-focused videos, that didn’t stop content creators from gaining credibility and set up a sequence of thousands of viewers curious about Bitcoin, altcoin markets, cryptocurrency industry news and, of course, everything that happens on crypto Twitter.

We present our favorite ones that are worth subscribing to not only if you want to learn, but also keep up with industry trends. There are many more, but these five mentioned below stand out from most of the rest and are unique in their own way.

Let’s go.

Top 5 YouTube channels for crypto enthusiasts

5. Altcoin Daily

The channel with the most subscribers on this list, Altcoin Daily, as the name already implies, provides daily videos on everything that happens in altcoin markets, all in the name of stacking up more Bitcoin in the end.

Altcoin Daily dives deep into altcoins, collecting and reviewing news, numbers, tweets and everything in between while highlighting key takeaways and providing it with an objective insight.

While the channel notes that it offers no financial advice, it is still a good starting point for those just starting to dip their toes into investing or trading cryptocurrencies.

4. Crypto Zombie

This one shares some similarities with Altcoin Daily. However, differences are apparent. It is much faster, a sharp daily look at altcoin markets with insights and foresight, Bitcoin price behavior analysis and all the important events happening in the crypto space.

He also interviews various projects and leaders in the blockchain space and regularly brings the most up-to-date and cutting-edge topics to his audience. Besides, every video starts and ends with a meme, which is always nice.

Don’t be misled by clickbaity titles and thumbnails – Crypto Zombie shares many views of his own with solid analysis, experience and understanding of markets, which you would eventually appreciate just as his loyal audience does.

3. Anthony Pompliano (Pomp Podcast)

And who doesn’t love this guy? Pomp hosts one of the most beloved podcasts about business and investment. Coincidentally, it often revolves around Bitcoin and has the most relevant, interesting and / or craziest guests you could ask for when it comes to it.

youtube channel pompliano anthony

There is a reason why Anthony Pompliano has such a huge following not just ahead its YouTube channel, where he uploads daily videos (podcasts, podcast highlights, interviews, etc.) but also on Twitter.

He is very good at asking the right questions to the right person, and you can always rely on his skill to drive and excite the discussion so it’s worth listening to.

Listen to this conversation with MicroStrategy co-founder and leader Michael Saylor, who recently purchased more than $ 400 million of Bitcoin using the company’s balance sheet, and you’ll be sold.

There is much more to discover on Anthony’s YouTube channel that is just podcasts. Make sure you check out his channel homepage to see everything he has to offer.

2. Andreas Antonopoulos (aantonop)

Andreas is the kind of guy who lives to spread the message and educate the masses.

youtube channel andreas antonopoulos

Not just the author of Mastering Bitcoin, The Internet of Money (1, 2 and 3) and Mastering Ethereum. For most, especially those who got into Bitcoin early, Andreas Antonopoulos was the first credible Bitcoin and eventually a money teacher.

Over the years, he has been tireless in his effort to help people learn and understand what Bitcoin and blockchain really mean to humanity – talks, conferences, podcasts, Twitter – whatever is necessary .

Fortunately, a lot of it (over 500 videos to be exact) can also be found Andreas Antonopoulos YouTube channel. That’s the basics of Bitcoin, Q & As, the Internet of Money series and much more.

He is always on point, extremely articulate, sometimes wonderfully funny but most importantly, factually accurate. For people who have never heard of it until now, checking it out is essential.

Be warned – if you don’t know how money works, Andreas’s videos will be a real eye-opener!

1. Crypto Casey

If there’s anyone in the crypto space who can explain difficult concepts in simple words fluently and without getting off the rails, it’s Crypto Casey.

That said, you can rely on the relatively small, but high quality Crypto Casey video library, if you’re looking for content to help you digest information that is otherwise quick and easier to think about.

Whether it’s about the Ethereum network, how Bitcoin works, how to secure a wallet, or otherwise, you can’t help but feel grateful for its readiness for the subject.

However, the channel’s focus recently shifted to weekly reviews of everything relevant in the crypto world in a video round called “Last Week Crypto”.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect more educational content coming your way – the channel is still forming its identity and following a consistent, already promising schedule.

Anyway, it’s worth subscribing to as the content library provides plenty of value for crypto beginners and veterans.

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