Bitcoin Always High Soon ?? | This Week in Crypto

Bitcoin is impressing traders once again with its recent surge to the $ 16000 mark, the highest it has been in nearly three years. The last time bitcoin traded so high was in January 2018, and many analysts are wondering another run toward $ 20KBitcoin’s all-time high – could be the immediate future of the asset.

The US Department of Justice has more than $ 1 billion in bitcoin was seized of an anonymous hacker. While authorities refuse to release the identity of the culprit, the money in question has links to the infamous black market website Silk Road, and was initially stolen from its creator Ross Ulbricht.

Several new bitcoin debit cards have launched only recently. Coinbase announced an expansion in the United States for its debit card last week already available in the UK and Europe. Bitcoin Paxful peer-to-peer marketplace at will also offer users of a new crypto debit card that will allow them to purchase items and services with digital assets. And finally, ZenGo, a non-prison wallet that allows you to manage your cryptocurrencies from your mobile phone, is about to launch a Visa debit card in the US

En +, one of the largest aluminum and power producers in the world, take risks to crypto mining with BitRiver. BitRiver owns the largest mining location in Russia, holding approximately 100 megawatts of client ASICs on a farm in Siberia. The Initially, a new location will offer miners 10 megawatts of power with the potential to expand to 40 megawatts.

And now, this week’s Bitcoin Quick Question is: What is HODL?

HODL originates from a drunken Bitcoiner spelling out the word “hold” in a post in 2013 on the bitcoin community’s most popular forum – Bitcointalk.

The user, GameKyuubi, in his post entitled “I AM HODLING” shared what he felt in trading the Bitcoin market, as bitcoin’s high volatility made it lose again and again. In the end, he admitted he was a bad trader and should not be timing the market, but just a “hodl”.

Since then, “hodl” has become Bitcoin community slang for “holding for the long term” only and ignoring the short-term volatile price movement.

In the description below you may see the link to the original funny post.

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