Bitcoin Consolidation Looking to Cut 40K?

If Bitcoin breaks the 32.5K support instead, it increases the chances of getting a test of the next support of 27.5K. IF this support is compromised, then Bitcoin will most likely be in broad Wave 4 aggregation. A good example of such a formation is the Gold chart from the peak of August to the lowest of December. It can wait for weeks.

All markets are driven by unreasonable forces of greed and fear. Trying to find out the “why” of withdrawal will not help you make more informed decisions. Price information is the purest form of information we can gather and evaluate because it is a reflection of all known information in the world at present.

Our swing trade strategy seeks to capitalize on the broader market trend that can take days or weeks to develop. It is based on rules that minimize the adverse effects of our opinions, and other irrational behaviors. If you want to learn more about how it works, or see first-hand examples of crafts we share, visit and sign up for our free membership. Each week we send out a free swing trade idea.