bitcoin core – How to realize dependent transaction seats in the Mempool?



Returns all transaction aids in the memory pool as a variety of string transaction offers. If we use verbatim as ‘true’ it returns more than just transactional aids and one of the consequences is ‘depend’.

"depends" : [(json array) unconfirmed transactions used as inputs for this transaction "hex",(string) parent transaction id]


"2004b140d4b4eb1048cdb7def895a211c279711e47cc402c64f91f1c0d20f0dc": {
    "fees": {
      "base": 0.00000446,
      "modified": 0.00000446,
      "ancestor": 0.00000892,
      "descendant": 0.00000446
    "vsize": 142,
    "weight": 565,
    "fee": 0.00000446,
    "modifiedfee": 0.00000446,
    "time": 1598036451,
    "height": 1807966,
    "descendantcount": 1,
    "descendantsize": 142,
    "descendantfees": 446,
    "ancestorcount": 2,
    "ancestorsize": 284,
    "ancestorfees": 892,
    "wtxid": "4e680766ede2535b53e868c95d1483a443f9ab7f8b9d9ef4fcb355a768faba16",
    "depends": [
    "spentby": [
    "bip125-replaceable": false

Child transaction:

Child tx

Transaction of parent with unconfirmed input in above case:

Parent tx

Both transactions were confirmed in a block 1807995.