Bitcoin of America Installs Its 500th ATM ATM in the United States

The company is making digital currency investment more accessible through domestic expansion; first Bitcoin tablet program of its kind

Bitcoin of America, a virtual currency exchanger that gives customers the safest Bitcoin buying and selling experience through Bitcoin ATMs (BTMs), makes cryptocurrency more accessible as a result of its rapid growth across the US, as well as its innovative Bitcoin tablet program.

Earlier this month, the company reached a milestone when it installed its 500th BTM location. Each location is conveniently located, either in a place you already shop or in your big city.

Founded in 2015, Bitcoin of America has grown from a single BTM in Chicago to provide secure transactions to customers in 542 locations throughout the United States.

“Our first BTM generated $ 30,000 in a month,” he said
Sonny Meraban, CEO of Bitcoin of America. “At the time, we realized cryptocurrency was being bought by people in unbanked and under-banked low-income communities and dependent on cash transactions. However, since that time, the popularity of BTMs has grown to include a large swath of the population, including men and women across all ages and socio-economic backgrounds. ”

When Meraban, a longtime real estate investor, launched the company, there were only a few hundred BTMs in the United States. Now, there are thousands, and Bitcoin of America is a top-five domestic operator. In the last 11 months alone, the company added 300 BTMs nationwide.

Meraban attributes the company’s growth to its strong operating infrastructure and robust compliance program – a key differentiator in Bitcoin of America business.

“Robust and effective compliance programs for virtual asset exchange, such as BTMs, are essential for the healthy growth of our industry,” said Meraban. “Bitcoin of America operates in full compliance with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations, and we have incorporated a robust program that enables us to identify suspicious activity and work with law enforcement to ensure that issues such as fraud are monitored, reported and resolved. quickly. ”

This milestone comes on the heels of the company launching its industry-first Bitcoin tablet program in late 2019. The pilot is using small point-of-sale tablets to provide cryptocurrency accessibility in smaller markets and rural areas. Tablets also provide first-time users with a face-to-face purchasing experience, usually unfamiliar with cryptocurrency, where they can ask questions and receive real-time human assistance.

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