Reverses Craig Wright’s ‘Merit’ Copyright Claim on Bitcoin White Paper

“We will continue to maintain the Bitcoin white paper and we will not be silenced or intimidated. Others who maintain the white paper should follow our lead in countering these false allegations. “

So, an independent open source project that seeks to support the development of Bitcoin, said in response on Thursday to an attempt by nChain Chief Scientist Craig Wright to force the website to take down its copy of Bitcoin white paper.

While Bitcoin was created by the yet-to-be-known pseudonym Satashi Nakamoto, Wright has repeatedly claimed to be Satoshi and, apparently contrary to the founder’s ethos, is trying to claim to be owns the copyright to Bitcoin intellectual property.

Wright, a key advocate for the rival bitcoin sv cryptocurrency (for Satoshi’s vision), has now had his lawyers send letters to several entities asking them to remove copies of the white paper from their websites, according to Bitcoin .org.

Wright is claimed to be the copyright of the white paper, the title of “Bitcoin” and the ownership of

“We believe these allegations are without merit, and reject” the paper pulled down, the organization said.

However, executives of, the site for the Bitcoin Core cryptocurrency developer team, pulled down their copy of the paper, deleted references to it and consolidated the changes on GitHub, according to

“By giving way in this way, the Bitcoin Core project has lent ammunition to Bitcoin’s enemies, engaged in self-censorship and compromised its integrity,” the organization said.

The organization said the Bitcoin white paper was included in the original Bitcoin project files and the project was announced under the free MIT license and free of charge by Satoshi Nakamoto. As such said “no doubt” it has the legal right to maintain the white paper.

“Moreover, Satoshi Nakamoto has a known PGP public key, so it is cryptographically possible for someone to verify himself to be Satoshi Nakamoto. Unfortunately, Craig has not been able to do this, ”the post adds.