Bitfinex 2019: A year in question

Bitfinex 2019: A year in question

2019 has been a great and productive year for the Bitfinex team. We have been working hard to give our consumers the best trading experience, while playing our role as one of the leading exchanges and innovators in the crypto industry.

As the year comes to a close, now is the perfect time to review what we have achieved so far and reflect on how we can do better to contribute to the wider crypto community.

Here are some highlights of our achievements throughout the year:


  • Migrate to dedicated servers

Bitfinex migrates from AWS-Cloud to dedicated bare metal servers for improved speed, performance and security.


  • New Bitfinex mobile app launched

After having the mobile app in beta for a while, the fully functional Bitfinex mobile app is finally launched; well equipped for a seamless trading experience on the go.


The high-performance high-end chain trading platform built on the EOSIO version, eosfinex Beta, is launched giving users opportunities to explore, leave feedback, and win rewards.


  • Announcement of Santiment integration

Santiment’s integration has made various market insights available on the Bitfinex platform. From general project information, such as market cap to premium metrics, such as MVRV (Market Value – Realized Value), Santiment’s proprietary historical and real-time indicators will undoubtedly underpin your insights and bring your trading strategy to the next level.


  • Liquid Network integration announced

The integration with the Liquid Network, a sidechain-based settlement network, enables faster and more secret Bitcoin transactions on Bitfinex.

  • Launch UNUS SED LEO ticket

The UNUS SED LEO ticket is being launched at a private auction for select qualified buyers.


  • Reporting Framework Update

An update to the reporting framework that helps beginner and expert users navigate the crypto trading space.

  • UNUS SED LEO Transparency Initiative introduced

Bitfinex introduces the UNO SED LEO Transparency Initiative, which is built around a real-time ticket burn redemption mechanism. Along with it, a LEO Transparency Dashboard is launched that provides real-time insights into all the platform fees collected, and subsequent LEO burnouts.


  • Bitfinex Dissolve Feeding introduced

To improve transparency around leveraged sites on Bitfinex, we introduce the liquidation feed that provides accurate and timely liquidation updates in easy-to-navigate feeds.


  • Intermediate check level enabled

We listened to our customers, with an intermediate checking level, unverified users can upgrade their accounts and gain access to some products and services available to verified account holders without having to provide bank account details.

  • The Public Leader introduced

Bitfinex gives our users the opportunity to shine on the Public Leaders Board. The best traders will be able to see their names and see where they stand against the competition.


  • Derivatives trading launch

IFinex Financial Technologies Limited is launching a new derivatives trading platform in an effort to provide comprehensive trading services, including futures and flat swaps, to our users and the broader crypto community.

  • Bitfinex Token Sales introduced

As part of our efforts to support innovation in the crypto space, Bitfinex is launching the Bitfinex Token Sales platform that aims to create the best conditions for the long-term, sustainable growth of the ticket sales offered.


  • Bitfinex Related Program Launch

We take our role as a pioneer in the crypto industry very seriously. With the Bitfinex Affiliate Program, we aim to revolutionize how the crypto community works by motivating all affiliates for the efforts they make to spread the word about crypto.

  • Added the Social Connection feature on the Board of Public Leaders

The Public Leader is no longer just a place to showcase the performance of traders. With the Social Connection feature, all traders can take advantage of the Public Leaders Board. The best traders can grow their Twitter followers, while the others can find who to follow on Twitter to learn from.


  • Bech32 addresses the announced support

Bitfinex supports the wider use of Bitcoin by adopting SegWit on our platform. The support allows withdrawal of Bech32 addresses, deposit and production.

  • Added a new full tax report feature

Professional traders can easily generate tax reports on Bitfinex with the full tax reporting feature.

  • New reward schemes have been introduced

We want all our users to get the most out of our platform. In that spirit, Bitfinex presents two reward schemes to our users. Affiliated companies who like or share Bitfinex’s social media posts will receive additional commission multipliers with the Social Interaction award. Meanwhile, for the developers who build libraries and trading platforms, we offer a unique reward for every trade made through Bitfinex APIs with the Developer Reward.

  • UI Honey Framework v3 launched

Bitfinex is bringing Honey Framework integration to the next level with the launch of the v3 UI. The new version allows users to easily create custom order types or automated event-driven trading strategies.


  • He announced the integration of the Lightning Network

With the Lightning Network integration, users will be able to deposit and withdraw Bitcoin immediately without having to worry about the fees.

  • Bitrefill integration announced

Living on crypto is no longer a pleasant thought. Bitfinex users can easily purchase digital gift cards from their account thanks to Bitrefill integration.

  • New payment options added

Your favorite cryptos are now just a debit or credit card off on Bitfinex.

  • A color-friendly theme was introduced

As part of our ongoing commitment to promoting crypto adoption, Bitfinex developed a color-blind theme. The new theme was specifically designed to improve the consumer experience of customers who find it difficult to distinguish between red and green elements.

Happy New Year to all of us at Bitfinex! Here’s to a new year full of excitement and achievement. 🥂