Bitmain releases Rack-Style New Miner, Bringing the Power of Next Level Computing

Bitmain announces new mining equipment in the form of a rack – AntRack. Featuring a hot-swapped modular configuration, it’s easy to use and upgrade without the need to switch off, and the rack-shaped design is an excellent option for large-scale operations customers.

AntRack demonstrates strengths in terms of:

Easy to Use and Expand

AntRack adopts a module design, comprising five key modules – 1 Rack, 1 Power Distribution Unit, 4 Servers, 1 Control Unit, and 1 Water Cooling Unit, and the essential parts – Hash Board, Control Board, Power Supply Unit ( PSU), and Fans – all of which are hot interchangeable for optimized operations, significantly reduce the risk of machine depreciation while maximizing effective mining time, making it the perfect option for customers who seek to control the cost of expansion and increase the rate of return. As long as the location allows, customers can set up as many AntRacks as they need, which are easy to expand at any time.

Suitable for Large Scale Operations

Using AntRack Large Scale

Rack-Style Miner is a perfect fit for using mining farms and large-scale Internet data centers (IDC). AntRack is easy to use and get to work once its 3 phase AC power cable and network cable are plugged in, and the water cooling system inlet and outlet are installed. Besides, Bitmain provides an all-in-one data center solution – ANTBOX, each containing 10 AntRack miners. By configuring the 3 phase AC power supply, network port, and water cooling system, mining is possible in almost all locations.

Easy to Upgrade and Reliable

AntRack Interchangeable Design

The AntRack’s hot-interchangeable design allows the hash board to be replaced with the latest generation chips (7nm to 5nm, 3nm, and 1nm), each upgrade enhances overall computing power while maintaining the same power consumption. Also, every server of AntRack has PSUs that provide unwanted 3 + 1 operations to ensure that mining is never interrupted.

“Our design is driven by a problem-solving mindset. It has come to our attention that many of our customers are being challenged when trying to expand their operations. The cost of upgrading equipment – not only the investment in new machinery, but also the time used in refusing old machines to replace with new ones. AntRack is our solution to that problem. Featuring a hot interchangeable modular design, AntRack can be conveniently and efficiently applied in large-scale deployment, while maintaining effective budget management in operation. “said Sun MingHui, AntRack’s Project Research and Development Director.

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