blockchain – Awaiting 5 days unconfirmed transaction

Unconfirmed bitcoin transactions are also called transactions in the mempool.

The Bitcoin Mempool (memory pool) is a collection of all block transaction data that have been verified by Bitcoin nodes, but have not yet been confirmed.

Once a transaction is contained in a block, it has one confirmation. As soon as another block is mined on the same blockchain, the transaction has two confirmations, and so forth. Six or more affirmations are considered sufficient proof that a transaction cannot be reversed.

In your case you probably sent a low-fee transaction; for this reason, all other transactions that have paid a commission higher than yours will be confirmed faster, while you have to wait your turn.

You just have to wait until mempool is clean. Transactions are cheaper and faster when the mempool is empty. You can check websites like Bitcoin Johoe Mempool Statistics or to see mempool statistics in real time.

Ps: what you sent us is not a transaction, but an address. To be able to help you we would need the transaction, to understand if some steps could be taken with the aim of speeding up the confirmation from the miners (eg RBF – Replacement Fee) instead of just waiting for it confirmed.