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Bondly Finance - How To Get A BONDLY Liquidity Pool

Bondly is a portable exchange protocol that seeks to revolutionize the traditional escrow method and enables consumers to make their own digital marketplace. The platform aims to create a set of decentralized financial applications (DeFi) that will support a cross-chain swap architecture and a new ticket-powered escrow platform. The platform is transparent, trusted, and interoperable between parties in any market and will help consumers in everyday buying and selling activities.

BONDLY A Bondchain

The Bondly token (BONDLY) is the native sign of the Bondly Finance platform and follows the ERC-20 standard. BONDLY will have native support in the Polkadot ecosystem, and Bondchain will be listed as a candidate for a parachain slot in Polkadot. The total BONDLY supply will remain the same across all infrastructures.

Market Cap – $ 8,334,698

Supply Delivery – 57,164,873

Top Supply – 983,620,758


The platform has the following features:

  • Multipurpose – Users can use any chat app or email service to make escrow for crypto assets.
  • Innovative – Supports non-trusted swaps and recurring payments.
  • Interactive – Works with multiple chains.
  • Transparent – All the activity takes place on the chain.

Currently, the platform only offers staking a BONDLY liquid pool ticket. So, In this article, we’ll explore how you can contribute to your BONDLY tickets and where you can buy them.

Usage Guide
How To Get The BONDLY Ticket

You can get the BONDLY ticket from Uniswap.

Login to Uniswap. And connect your MetaMask wallet.

If you can’t get the ticket, then you can search by giving the ticket’s contract address.

Token Contract Address: 0xd2dda223b2617cb616c1580db421e4cfae6a8a85

Enter how many BONDLY tickets you want to buy and then confirm the Exchange activity.

Bondly Finance

This will trigger a MetaMask transaction, and once the transaction is successful, you can see the BONDLY token in your MetaMask wallet.

If the ticket does not appear in your wallet, then you can add the ticket by going to the Custom Ticket tab and add the ticket contract address.

Bondly Finance


In order to provide unique staking features, Bondly has partnered with Ferrum Network and launched a highly customized version of Ferrum staking.

Users can place their BONDLY tickets in the staking pools and win prizes.

To pay attention to your tickets, visit this page.

The platform landing page looks like this.

Bondly Finance

Click on Bondly Staking and it will redirect you to this page.

Staking Pool

On the staking page, you can see four different staking pools.

  • VIP staring
  • GOLD is staking
  • BCCG card mining
  • Liquidity Staking / ETH and Liquidity Staking / USDT

The VIP staking and GOLD staking are already filled.

The liquidity pool allows users to activate their liquidity pool ticket. Users can obtain the liquidity pool pass from Uniswap by providing liquidity to the ETH / BONDLY or USDT / BONDLY pool.

Bondly Finance

You can enter your BONDLY ticket at any of the pools available and win prizes. Each staking pool in Bondly has its unique features.

If the consumer keeps 3K $ BONDLY tickets in any stake or liquidity fund for the entire two weeks, they will be eligible to win one of the 15 Farzin card drops.

Bondly Finance

The Farzin card is a rare, unique card, and the first edition of the BCCG card from the Isekai series. It is a Hero card and has utility within the BCCG game and the Bondly product ecosystem. This card will never be sold by the project, and consumers can only earn this RARE NFT through the BONDLY sticker program.

Staking Terms and Benefits

The various staking pools provide the following benefits:

VIP Stacking Staking Gold BCCG Card Award Liquidity Staking 1.0
Full Maturity 60 days 90 days 30 days 90 days
Full term APY 40% 40% 0% 105%
Early withdrawal 30 days 45 days 1 day 45 days
APY early withdrawal 0% 0% 0% 40%
Farzin NFT classification 3 every two weeks 2 every two weeks 5 fortnightly 5 fortnightly
Size 2 MILLION BONDLY 2 MILLION BONDLY Limitless Limitless
Contribution Period 5 days / until filled 5 days or until filled 7 days
NOTE Only for existing BCCG cardholders The awards are divided into 2 different pairs: BONDLY / ETH and BONDLY / USDT
Liquidity Staking
Get a Liquidity Pool Ticket From Uniswap

Bondly Finance offers a liquidity stereotype. Users can add liquidity to the Bondly Uniswap pools (either ETH pool or USDT pool) and then place the LP token in the pile pools and win BONDLY prizes in return.

To add liquidity to the Uniswap pool, go to the Uniswap platform.

Now connect your wallet and go to Pool.

Click on Add Liquidity.

Bondly Finance

Select the ticket pair (ETH-BONDLY in this case) and specify how much ticket you want to provide and the other ticket amount will be displayed automatically.

If you are using this pair for the first time, you need to approve the pair. You can then supply it to the liquidity reserve.

Bondly Finance

Click on Supply, and the application will show you how many LP tickets you will receive.

Confirm the transaction. You can now see your liquidity details from the bottom of the tab.

Bondly Finance

You can include these LP tickets in BONDLY liquidity pools.

Stake Pool Ticket

Again, go to the staring page.

Bondly offers two liquidity staking pools.

Bondly Finance

Choose the liquidity pool depending on your pool ticket.

We have chosen Liquidity Staking / ETH since we have an ETH / BONDLY pool ticket.

Click on it and you will be redirected to this page.

Contact Wallet

The platform supports two wallets:

Connect your MetaMask wallet.

Bondly Finance

Once the wallet is connected, you can see the LP tickets available in your wallet that you can pledge.

Enter the amount of ticket you want to pledge and click on Confirm.

Once the transaction is successful, you can see your balance stacked in the liquidity fund.

Bondly Finance

You can check the benefits from the terms table and staking benefits.

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Bondly Finance is an innovative project. It aims to bring its own set of decentralized finance applications / products that will help reduce the complexity and costs associated with the DeFi application. The protocol works with multiple chains and allows the users to trade and escrow crypto assets using any chat program. The platform currently offers a staking facility, which we hope will offer the latest and advanced solution as new products and applications are launched.

Resources: Bondly Finance website

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