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On this episode of the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast,” I sat down with employee number three Swan Bitcoin and head of education Brady Swenson, aka CitizenBitcoin. Swenson is also the host of one of the best Bitcoin podcasts out there, the “Citizen Bitcoin Podcast.”

We talked about how Swenson steered his way from being a Bitcoin newbie to becoming a prominent podcaster and entrepreneur in the bitcoin ecosystem. Swenson encouraged Bitcoin newbies to get involved with the Bitcoin community and explained how Bitcoin Swan hirers are based solely on the work they see on Bitcoin Twitter. All of Swan’s star team members have built an online reputation in the largest Bitcoin community.

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Then the podcast took a more cosmic turn when Swenson and I started talking about our favorite topic: the Bitcoin renaissance. Swenson sees Bitcoin as the ultimate tool to re-release human innovation and free us from our endless toils. Bitcoin is the most powerful narrative in the world, we are only witnesses to its great consent.

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