Bull levels are eyeing on Biden’s inauguration day

  • Cryptocurrencies have suffered a setback, including Altcoins that had shined.
  • All top digital coins have clear barriers that they need to overcome in order to release the rally.
  • Here are the next levels to watch according to the Confluence Sensor.

Is it Altcoin season or not? Ethereum hit all-time highs earlier this week but has retreated from the highlights. Bitcoin has been holding on to high ground – which cannot be measured many months ago – but below the peak.

Wider markets are eyeing the inaugurated Joe Biden as 46th U.S. Veteran. Will the new administration succeed in releasing funds that would partially flow into cryptos? The $ 1,9 trillion plan seems like a significant start, yet its progress is uncertain.

How are the top three cryptos in a technical position?

This is what the Crypto Confluence Sensor shows in its latest update:

BTC / USD eyes $ 36,400

Bitcoin has been changing hands at lower ground and has support at around $34,500, namely the 4h-Lower Bollinger Band convergence, the 1h-Lower BB, Pivot Point 2-day support, and the one-week Fibonacci 38.2%.

Below, the next buffer for granddaddy cryptocurrencies is $33,150, which is the meeting point of the one-month PP R1 and the one-week 23.6% Fibonacci.

BTC / USD has critical resistance at $36,400, which is the confluence of the 5-4h Mobile Average, the 4h-Medium BB, the 15min-Upper BB, and the 5-day SMA.

Further above, the next hurdle is $37,200, which is a point including the one-month PP R2 and the one-day Fibonacci 61.8%.

ETH / USD needs to surpass $ 1,350

Ethereum has a cap at $1,350, which is a dense cluster including the 5-1h SMA, the 15min-Middle BB, and the previous highest weekly.

It is followed by $1,400, and that’s where the one-week PP R1 and the one-day 23.6% Fibonacci converge.

Support for Vitalik Buterin’s mind remains at $1,250, which is the confluence of the 5-day SMA and the previous daily maximum.

ETH / USD has another cushion at $1,200 the convergence of the several SMAs: the 10-one-day, the 200-1h SAM, and the 50-4h SMA.

XRP / USD must take 0.2930

Ripple’s XRP token also benefited from the run to Altcoins, despite his legal woes. Critical resistance remains at $ 0.2930, which is the convergence of the 5-1h SMA, the 10-1h SMA, the one-month Fibonacci 23.6%, and the 10-15m SMA.

The upside target is $0.3125, which was the meeting point of the previous 4h-high and the Fibonacci 38.2% one day.

XRP / USD has close support at $0.2840, which is a dense cluster including the 5-day SMA, the previous 1h-low, and the 1h-Lower BB.

Eye of bears $0.2570, the meeting place of the 161.8% one-day Fibonacci and the one-day PP S2.

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