Buy BIG Institutional Currency The Price of Bitcoin | This Week in Crypto

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. is the latest example of an institutional player holding a stake in bitcoin. The company has announced a $ 100 million purchase of Bitcoin using its general investment account to capitalize on new opportunities while continuing to diversify its portfolio.

MicroStrategy has made quite a name for itself in the field of Bitcoin this year with the big purchase of Bitcoin. The company recently took a third Bitcoin purchase and is now looking to raise an additional $ 400 million so it can – you guessed it – buy even more units of Bitcoin.

Paxos Trust – the official partner of crypto PayPal – and the crypto payment platform BitPay have both issued paperwork to US WNO to set up national banks in their name. The crypto companies plan to provide crypto and traditional financial services to their clients in the future.

Singapore’s largest bank, DBS Group, once known as Bitcoin and Ponzi is soon to launch a digital asset trading platform. The bank emphasizes its commitment by going as far as taking a 10% stake in the forthcoming venture, citing a complete change in its heart and future intentions toward the cryptocurrency industry.

If you hosted XRP at one of the participating exchanges or wallets on Saturday, you will receive the same amount of Spark tickets when the Flare network goes live in 2021 due to the coverage that took place over the weekend. SPARK and Flare Network plan to bring decentralized funding to the Ripple ecosystem.

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That’s what’s happened this week in crypto. See you next week.