Celebrate Bitpanda’s sixth birthday with us and win 10,000 BEST

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Can you believe that Bitpanda is already celebrating its sixth birthday? We can’t either! What started with a small team of crypto enthusiasts has grown into a company of over 280 people with an international background as diverse as the altcoins out there and a platform with 1,500,000+ users.

So you’re hanging out with your friends and one of you wants to buy Bitcoin – what are you doing? In 2020, it’s a no-brainer: you go over to Bitpanda, set up your account, deposit fiat and buy Bitcoin, easy-peasy.

Before 2014, however, this was a different story. You went online through a jungle of mysterious platforms and ominous channels, only to find that buying Bitcoin was extremely complicated. It was a bit like searching for the holy grail. First you needed to deposit fiat through an exchange to convert it to another fiat currency, then place an order just to make a trade to get your Bitcoin, then worry about wallets … you get the picture.

So what did you do in 2014? You found a trading platform for cryptocurrencies! That’s how Bitpanda was born. Now, six years later, the industry has changed dramatically. Not only has Bitcoin grown up, but we have also grown up as a company! So let’s celebrate!

Celebrate with us and win BEST

What’s the BEST way to celebrate? By winning of course! So, we give 60,000 BEST to six lucky Bitpanda users (10,000 BEST per winner).

How can you win? Every Bitpanda consumer who buys (with a manual purchase, swap or savings plan implemented) at least € 100 BEST on Bitpanda (not Bitpanda Pro) between December 15th, 2020 (our anniversary) and ‘ r 15th January, 2021 eligible to win BEST 10k. The six lucky winners are chosen at random.

What is BEST?

If you are new to Bitpanda, BEST is our Bitpanda Ecosystem Token that offers Bitpanda users a wide range of benefits and benefits, from premium discounts, to monthly reward payments and more. Learn everything about BEST here.

Buy BEST now – good luck everyone!

You can read the terms and conditions here and we will credit the winners on their BEST Bitpanda wallets.