Christmas Vacation Free at Bitcoin Games With 60,000 Free Gifts

Merry Christmas! Bitcoin Games celebrates 12 Days of Christmas with the biggest gifts of the year!

60,000 Free Spin to Get

It’s all bells and grooves for the 12 days leading up to Christmas this year! Bitcoin Games, the premium casino brand, has launched the 12 Days of Christmas🎄 gifts for players to earn up to 1,000 Free Spins daily. Participating players will have the opportunity to use these free rounds on the house.

Sealing a happy ending to the year, Bitcoin Games elevates the holiday spirit by introducing another fun multiplier into the mix. Twelve Slot games a year are chosen and most played for players to enjoy the winter celebrations where they can receive more prizes than the game alone earns each day of the promotion. With a total of 60,000 Free Spins, the 12 Days of Christmas giveaways ensures that the gaming activities of all participating players are rewarded and that everyone can enjoy the arrival of Christmas.

Christmas Vacation Free at Bitcoin Games With 60,000 Free Gifts

The 12-day Christmas gift giveaway ensures a rewarding gaming experience for all participating players to enjoy the holiday season.

Bitcoin Games has been growing in popularity ever since its inception. The crypto-friendly casino has quickly become a gaming portal for many players due to the high quality of the games on offer, along with the smooth user experience that its platform provides. The premium gaming platform allows users to play popular casino games without worrying about KYC or upper limits on deposits.

The 12 Days of Christmas🎄 a promotion is underway at the Bitcoin Games for you to play some of the hottest games of the year 2020, all the while being rewarded in 1000’s of Free Spins for you to enjoy without worry.

Check out this exciting new promotion of Bitcoin games and more on the casino’s website.

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