Coinbase Was Reported to Prepare for Stock Market Listing Later in 2020

Coinbase, Inc. is said to be. is preparing for a potential U.S. stock market listing this year, according to Reuters reports.

According to Reuters sources, preparations for listing are underway but they still need the green light from the Securities and Exchange Commission. If successful, this would mark the first time a cryptocurrency exchange would be listed on traditional markets. Some mining companies have held or are preparing for initial public offerings, with Canaan doing so late last year.

It is not yet clear whether Coinbase will choose an initial public offering to accompany public trading. While additional capital raising is often associated with listing, its existing shares may be available for trading with no additional funds.

Coinbase was valued at more than $ 8 billion in its latest private round. Earlier today, Cointelegraph reported that a new legal counsel lead was brought in at the firm to manage relations with financial regulators, possibly in preparation for the IPO.

The story is still developing.