Creatd Vocal Platform Launches Bitcoin-Themed Challenges and Photography to Continue to Accelerate Participation in its Creator Communities

CEO of Creatd Jeremy Frommer, “Vocal is a creator-first platform and, while brand involvement is a key part of Challenge’s success, it is important that we also maintain a regular flow of Vocal-sponsored Challenges to promote the voice of creativity.”

“Part of the way we do that is by offering a variety of Challenges along multiple subscription tiers,” Frommer continued. “Vocal Challenges + represents a significantly higher reward for participating while other Challenges offer less cash incentive but still a great introductory opportunity for our freemium tier members. I’m pleased to announce that we have, today, a record number of six active. “Challenges are currently open to take part.”

About the “Bitcoin Mystery” Challenge:

The “Bitcoin Mystery” Challenge is centered around the mysterious origins of cryptocurrency, and asks creators to present a fictional origin story detailing the “who, how, and why” of Bitcoin’s origins and the true identity of its mysterious inventor. Submissions to this Challenge are accepted through February 16, 2021. To learn more, visit

About the “Home Town Feature” Challenge:

In the “Home Town Feature” Challenge, with the exception of Vocal + members, creators are encouraged to showcase their favorite hometown locales and use their photography skills to capture the unique features that make their hometown special. Creators do not need to be professional photographers to get involved – any original film photos, digital images, phone photos, polaroids, or videos that “capture the essence of why the place you call home are encouraged. deserve some love ”. Submissions to this Challenge are accepted through February 16, 2021. To learn more, visit

In addition to the “Bitcoin Mystery” and “Home Town Feature” Challenges, the platform currently hosts four additional Challenges, two of which are open to the full vocal community, and two exclusive to members Vocal + only. The full list of active Challenges includes:

  • The Challenge of Good Deeds, which encourages creators to share about their experiences with acts of kindness large or small;
  • Fresh Start Challenge, focused on sharing wellness goals;
  • Little Black Book Challenge, launched in partnership with Moleskine, invites creators to write a fiction story about the experience of coming up with a large amount of money (Exclusive to Vocal +);
  • So the 2020 Challenge, focusing on current fashion trends (Exclusive to Vocal +)

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