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I had a chance to sit down with a legendary Bitcoin activist / artist cryptography this week to discuss his latest project, “Bitcoin Vs. The Fed. ”

You’ve probably seen the art of cryptography before. He is best known for his mosaic paintings of Hal Finney and JPMorgan Chase & Co. manager Jamie Dimon, but is best known for his art piece “United Nodes Of Bitcoin,” which illustrates a US $ 1 bill with George Washington hooded and subtle nods to Bitcoin Propaganda throughout.

In our talk, cryptography explained his inspiration for “United Nodes Of Bitcoin” and how “Bitcoin Vs. The Fed ”is phase two of that project. “Bitcoin Vs. The Fed ”is a project that began to be placed on billboards in Federal Reserve cities, with Bitcoin propaganda depicted on the back of the US dollar. It had great success when it launched “United Nodes Of Bitcoin” back in 2015 and has been planning this project ever since.

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He told me he wanted to spread the message in the Fed’s backyard and share the idea of ​​a solid currency with people who might not be as vulnerable to Bitcoin as people in wealthier areas. He is one of the biggest OG Bitcoin artists out there and is excited for 2021. He has his hands in a couple of projects that could bring NFT-style art to Bitcoin and, with that, a flood of artists.

Cryptography wrapped the podcast with a positive message to Bitcoin artists out there, telling them to keep creating. I can’t wait to see what’s up his sleeve next!

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