DABS Massive Energy Fantom and Afghanistan Working Together to Promote Efficiency




Blockchain network Fantom has reached an agreement with a leading energy company in Afghanistan, Good Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS). The partnership will see both companies launch a blockchain pilot towards achieving this goal. This will boost efficiency in DABS data centers and energy grids.

During the pilot, Fantom is expected to demonstrate the suitability of its network for migrating an existing audit database. It will also feature a blockchain ERP demonstration platform and a CRM platform designed specifically for DABS, after which the two companies will sign a contract for a long working relationship.

An ERP solution will help DABS deal with the problems of the meter cycle to cash and energy mismatches. This will enable the company to build state-of-the-art efficiency solutions within the energy grid using blockchain technology. This solution will also solve the problem of low security capabilities that led to unauthorized modifications to the system as well as cost reduction.

DABS is an energy company that supplies power throughout Afghanistan. The fast-growing company is exploring ways to harness the latest technology to be used to increase times, reduce costs, and expand energy-efficient solutions to boost access to energy nationwide. Fantom CEO Michael Kong expressed the delight of working with the energy company to bring better service to its customers.

“Fantom is excited to be working with DABS, the largest energy company in Afghanistan. We look forward to using the latest software technology tools, including blockchain, to modernize their infrastructure and create long-term efficiencies. We hope to sustain significant business in the country going forward, which has a lot of potential. ”

Fantom is a Tier 1 platform built on aBFT consensus protocol. It is a fast and inexpensive network that can be easily used for real-life applications like payments, supply chain, and defi applications. The company helps DABS improve customer service, promote transparency, reduce energy loss, and increase energy supply. These are the goals of DABS according to CEO Mr Daud Noorzai.




“DABS seeks to improve customer service, promote transparency, reduce energy loss and increase energy supply to boost economic development in Afghanistan.”

This is not the first agreement Fantom has entered into in Afghanistan. In June this year, it announced a smart medicine project with the Afghan government to ensure a thorough pharmaceutical audit is carried out to make sure there are no hoaxes.

This latest partnership was reached with the help of London-based blockchain consulting firm. Construction of the prototype is expected to complete in 4 months after which real-time testing will be done.

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