Deribit Customers Have Opportunity To Bet Bitcoin Growth To $ 100,000 – Latest News, Breaking News, Best News Headlines


Deribit’s cryptocurrency derivative exchange has expanded Bitcoin’s options strike price list to $ 100,000. Such a strike is available in a contract that expires September 24, 2021.

He explained adding such a high strike to Deribit “Market demand”. On Thursday, December 17, the bitcoin rate renewed its all-time high, surpassing $ 23,700 (Bitstamp).

To date, consumers have purchased 52 call contracts and not a single purchase.

Data from Deribit shows that optimists are willing to pay $ 940 (at the time of writing) to more than quadrupled bitcoin over the next three quarters. If the price of the first cryptocurrency rises above the psychological level, these “calls” will come out “in the money”. They are now “very short of money”.

The option buyer is given the right to buy or sell a bitcoin asset (on Deribit, each contract equals one bitcoin) for the strike price (strike price) at a specified date (expiration date). The seller agrees to buy or sell the asset at the option holder’s request. The latter pays the seller a certain amount of money when the contract is purchased – the so-called premium.

Our material will help you understand how options work.

As a reminder, Deribit required all users to pass authentication before the end of the year. The platform took this step following a similar move by BitMEX, which launched a new KYC program in August.

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