Elon Musk tweeted about a bitcoin opponent. Rose 20%


What started as a feme-inspired parody cryptocurrency has now become the focus of a series of tweets in a bitcoin break from Elon Musk.

Tesla’s CEO tweeted some bit of Bitcoin ban on Sunday, including bitcoin demand BS. Dogecoin shouted out in a tweet saying, “One Word: Doge.”

The tweets it sent shares of Dogecoin up nearly 20% and landed on the list of trending Twitter topics. The tech billionaire even went so far as to update his Twitter bio with the title “Former CEO of Dogecoin.”

Musk’s Twitter antics come as the dominant cryptocurrency soars to its all-time highs during the coronavirus pandemic. Last week, bitcoin scurried past the $ 20,000 mark – at a $ 24,000 peak – as the currency continued to grow in popularity among investors.

This is not the first time Musk has tweeted about Dogecoin, the bitcoin descendant. ”

SpaceX’s CEO talked about the digital coin in July when he tweeted “Inevitably” with an image depicting the dogecoin standard surrounding the global financial system. The tweet sent shares up 14% at the time.

ogecoin was created in 2014 as a parody of a popular internet “doge” meme, which featured a photo of Shiba Inu’s dog. Although the virtual coin started out as a joke, it currently has a market value of nearly $ 570 million.