EOS On Bullish Momentum: 6.98% up in the last 12 hours

EOS is currently on bullish momentum. At 12:04 EST on Sunday December 20, EOS is at $ 3.25 and up 6.98% in the last 12 hours.

EOS range

Over the last six hours, the higher value of EOS was $ 3.27 and the lower value was $ 3.16.

Over the last twelve hours, the higher value of EOS was $ 3.27 and the lower value was $ 3.04.

In relation to EOS daily highs and lows, it is 7.198% up from its 24-hour low of $ 3.03 and 0.67% down from its 24-hour high of $ 3.27.

In relation to EOS annual highs and lows, it is 121.986% up from its 52-week low and 40.68% down from its 52-week high.

Recent days news about EOS

Alfhatec holdings and EOS imaging are entering into a new agreement for the acquisition of EOS imaging. According to Business Insider on Thu Dec 17, “EOS imaging has over 380 system installations in more than 40 countries producing more than 1 million patient exams annually.”, “ATEC received commitments from Fosun Pharma and Bpifrance Investissement1 as well as from the founder and CEO of EOS, to tender all of their EOS shares to the Offer, which represents approximately 23% of EOS share capital. “

News about Bitcoin

Bitcoin extends record-setting rally, surpassing $ 21,800. According to Bloomberg Quint on Thu Dec 17, “Bitcoin extended a record-breaking rally, taking the world’s largest cryptocurrency past $ 21,800 for the first time.”, “Bitcoin has more than tripled this year, a surge that is polarizing opinion . “

Bitcoin is at the top of $ 22,000 and strategists say the rally has to go further. According to Bloomberg Quint on Thu Dec 17, a “shortage of Bitcoin coupled with” cashback printing “by the Federal Reserve means the digital token should eventually climb to about $ 400,000, said Scott Minerd, chief investment officer in Guggenheim, on Bloomberg TV on Wednesday. “,” It sees a Bitcoin-to-gold price ratio headed for 100, if history is repeated, from its current level of around 12. “

Bitcoin strikes a new all-time high of $ 23,000, extending its wild 2020 rally. According to CNBC on Thu Dec 17, “Bitcoin later recovered its earnings slightly, trading over 8% higher at around 22,600 by 6 am ET.”, “Bitcoin’s performance in 2020 has reminded many market watchers from its frenzied rally to nearly $ 20,000 in 2017, followed by a sharp handicap the following year. “

Quants ride into the wild west of crypto in the 500% Bitcoin comeback. According to Bloomberg Quint on Thu Dec 17, “Florin Court, which trades a large number of assets in addition to Bitcoin, is up 0.9% this year, Greenig said.”, “Cambrian Asset Management, whose executives are from of Millennium-like ones The Management and Winton Capital are also hoping that some nonviolent security will help the company attract Bitcoin-curious family offices and institutions. “

Bitcoin is up 200% this year. investment pros say the price could reach $ 400,000. According to MarketWatch on Thursday December 17,

Exchange Bitcoin exchange coinbase files for initial public offering. According to The Wall Street Journal on Thursday December 17,

Popular crypto exchange coinbase files secretly to take itself public as Bitcoin price soars to record above $ 23,000. According to MarketWatch on Thursday December 17,

US largest cryptocurrency exchange coinbase files for IPO as Bitcoin climbs past $ 23,000. According to CNBC on Thu Dec 17, “Bitcoin has attracted a lot of investor attention lately, and Paul Tudor Jones and Stanley Druckenmiller are among those who have come out in favor of the cryptocurrency.”

How to invest in Bitcoin: the main ways to buy, their advantages and disadvantages, and the strategies to consider. According to Business Insider on Web Dec. 18, “Start small, rather than large: Given its short history and still unpredictable behavior, it’s usually advisable to keep your initial investment in Bitcoin relatively limited.” , “Besides the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (which is by far the largest), other bitcoin trusts or funds include:”

A new crypto fund CIO that has returned 220% to investors this year explains why Bitcoin is at the top of $ 20,000 for the first time ever this week – and shares another digital currency that is due to…. According to Business Insider on Sat Dec. 19, “Bitcoin has surged into the stratosphere this year, but it is by no means the best performing cryptocurrency.”, “Bitcoin was once being ruined by serious investors like a bubble or a Ponzi scheme. “

Crypto FOMO makes even a 350% premium on Bitcoin look appealing. According to Bloomberg Quint on Sat Dec 19, “Neither vehicle allows redemptions, which results in a fixed number of shares being issued, although GBTC allows secondary offerings for institutional investors who Contributing Bitcoin. “,” “That’s not to say advisors can’t learn how to use crypto apps or Cash App, but if you want to get Bitcoin in previously existing financial systems – where is almost all the money – you need something that works in that system. “