Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin to Present Special Keynote in LABITCONF Digital Experience December 7-12

ARGENTINA, December 04, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – (via Blockchain Wire) – Latin America Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference (LABITCONF), the world’s longest-running bitcoin and blockchain event in the LatAm region, announced today that there will be a special keynote address by the creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, at the LABITCONF virtual event December 7-12, 2020.

Other LABITCONF key speakers include Blockstream Co-founder Adam Back, host of “What Bitcoin Did” podcast and “Defiance” podcast Peter McCormack, ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees, and LocalBitcoins CMO Jukka Blomberg, as well as the “Oldies but Goodies” panel ”With the earliest Pioneers of cryptocurrency including Ethereum Co-Founder Anthony Di Iorio, Founder of the Bitcoin Foundation, Charlie Shrem, and former independent candidate for US President Brock Pierce.
“We are excited to have these top industry leaders and early crypto innovators leading our event. Aligning with our space theme, you could say our roster is like ‘sky full of stars,’ ”said Rodolfo Andragnes, LABITCONF’s Chief General Coordinator. “Our attendees can gain valuable insight into the blockchain journey to look into its future.”
The full LABITCONF event will explore the impact of cryptocurrency on the Latin American and global scene, and its potential for social and financial transformation, all in a one-of-a-kind, free digital experience. The agenda is organized into five days, each with a theme: Bitcoin, Policy and Regulation, Bitcoin Development, Decentralized Finance, and Social Impact Projects.
Day six will feature a VR lockdown celebration ‘Moon Party’, plus a live DJ, space avatars, dinosaur park, global art and more. LABITCONF is historically known not only for its content, but for providing attendees with a cultural experience through unforgettable, fun events and creative networking.
All attendees are welcome to participate in the sponsored Seed Pirates scavenger hunt to discover the 12-word seed (BIP39 dictionary) that opens a $ 1,000 prize wallet in crypto. Clues will float in the Moon Zone in the form of rhymes, songs, movies, puzzles and more. Seed Pirates has been running since March and distributed over $ 5,000 over 30 maps (including one with the July 4th release). To get involved, sign up at and join their Telegram channel to learn more about solving techniques.
All public and private institutions, investors, entrepreneurs, and the public interested in the technical, political, and legal foundations of blockchain technology are encouraged. Complimentary pre-registration is available at

For more information, follow @LABITCONF on social media and follow the hashtag # LABITCONF2020 on Twitter.


Now in its 8th year, the “Latin America Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference” (LABITCONF), is the oldest and most relevant blockchain event in the region. Year after year 90+ international speakers share their knowledge with attendees from different industries with entrepreneurs and investors from Oceania, Asia and Europe.

This not-for-profit event is organized annually in various Latin American countries, with the goal of making visible the trajectories and initiatives of various local projects exploring devolved technologies.

LABITCONF has positioned itself as the leading event in Latin America for the crypto adoption ecosystem. This region has suffered from frequent currency crises and aggressive capital controls, which is why these countries have been more open to rethinking new alternatives and adopting decentralized technologies through blockchain solutions. LABITCONF has fostered entrepreneurship, growing a network of blockchain communities from several countries in Latin America that has led to the initiation of many large-scale projects.


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