eToroX to Elrond Ticket Listing (EGLD): Deepening Liquidity for the Platform

The eToroX founding degree voucher exchange will list Elrond’s eGLD ticket later this month, with the ticket going live for trade on December 23, 2020. eGLD will be traded with the largest tokens on the planet through ‘ r the eToroX exchange, which will likely allow Elrond to continue the expansion of its platform.

Elrond tackles some of the most important challenges in the crypto world. Its blockchain is capable of achieving a transaction rate of 15,000 per second, and the blockchain has been shown a transaction rate per second (TPS) of over 250,000 in public trials.

To put this into perspective, the Bitcoin blockchain can handle about seven TPS, and the current version of Ethereum is capable of making 15 TPS. Needless to say, these transaction rates are far too slow, which is why Ethereum is currently working on a new Test-Stake (PoS) architecture in its ETH 2.0 development program.

Elrond is Fast – and Building a Solid Ecosystem

Elrond uses Secure Stake Proof (PoS) and Adaptive State Sharing mechanism to create the kind of TPS rates that make it a stand-out platform for decentralized transactions at retail level. In fact, both of these technologies are at the heart of the ETH 2.0 development program, which is years away from producing anything the public can use.

Elrond Network CEO and Founder Benjamin Mincu said,

“In its 10 years of existence Bitcoin has proven that cryptocurrencies are safe and capable of fulfilling an important purpose in the internet economy. Elrond is opening a new frontier that offers internet-scale blockchain performance, and an intuitive application called Maiar, where we aim to bring the next billion people to the blockchain space. “

Maiar was introduced to the public earlier in 2020 and is expected to go live by the end of January 2021. It is a wallet and payment app that could be compared to a platform like Google Pay, PayPal, or Venmo, though it offers some clear advantages over these central platforms.

Fast, Scalable and Safe

Elrond has clearly created a platform that can act as a global payment network, and has approached the design process with security and scalability in mind. The simple fact is that established payment systems are subject to a number of regulations, and new platforms such as Diem (formerly Libra – still supported by Facebook) will face huge regulatory hurdles.

One of the things that Bitcoin did right was the level of its accessibility. There are no gatekeepers on the Bitcoin blockchain, and this has greatly benefited the platform. In theory, Bitcoin can tackle problems like the many poor unbanked banks that are excluded from the banking system, but from a practical point of view, Bitcoin is a little too slow.

A payment platform that can help the force access financial services needs to be easy to use, cheap, and extremely fast. With the listing of eGLD on eToroX, and the launch of Maiar early next year, Elrond is moving closer to offering an integrated payments ecosystem to the global economy.

Liquidity Options for eGLD

The numerous instruments listed on eToroX will help eGLD become a much more liquid signal, as investors will be able to exchange it for a number of deep liquid assets, including major tokens such as BTC and ETH.

While Elrond and its eGLD token are not likely to depreciate Bitcoin or Ethereum in the short term, the types of benefits the company would have incorporated into its ecosystem are exactly what its global platform platform would need, which makes company and eGLD a good idea.

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