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Bitcoin’s latest supporter, Ray Dalio, is dealing with a family tragedy at the time of writing. He went to social media recently to report that his son, Devon Dalio, had been killed in a car accident.

Ray Dalio Reports the Death of His Son

The 71-year-old billionaire hedge fund manager explained on Twitter:

With a wonderful paddle I share with you that my 42 year old son was killed in a car accident yesterday. My family and I grieve and process and would rather be incommunicado for the time being.

The accident happened in Greenwich, Connecticut on the night of December 18. Although few details are available at press time, Devon appears to have been in a Verizon store at the Riverside Commons shopping center when an Audi vehicle rammed into the establishment. The car then burst into flames. The shop was said to be heavily damaged.

The Greenwich Police Department responded to the crash, mentioning on Twitter:

GPD is responding to a motor vehicle accident at the Thruway Shopping Center at exit five. The area approaching the intersection of E put and exit five will be closed and divert traffic.

The cause of the crash has not yet been revealed, nor has the identity of the person behind the wheel of the car. Devon’s father, Ray, mentioned on social media:

We know so many others have felt and continue to feel the terrible pain, so our sympathies go out to them. May God be with you and would you cherish your blessings, especially at this time of year.

Devon Dalio is reported to be leaving many family members behind, including his parents, three brothers, his wife and daughter. Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont explained to local reporters that his heart had gone out to Dalio and his wife. In a statement, he said:

As parents, we cannot imagine the grief and sorrow of their loss. Our prayers are with Ray and Barbara, who have been champions for Connecticut children.

Dalio is one of many people in the last few months to change their tones on bitcoin. In November last year, the billionaire was quite critical of the world’s number one digital currency by market cap, claiming:

It’s not good as a store’s hold on wealth because its volatility is great and it has little correlation to the prices of what I need to buy … I can’t imagine central banks, large institutional investors, businesses or companies international uses. If I am wrong about these things, I would love to be corrected.

Change His Thoughts on Bitcoin

A few weeks later, however, Dalio eventually compared bitcoin favorably with gold, saying:

Like [for] bitcoin compared to gold, I prefer to capture those things that central banks will want to hold and exchange value in when they try to negotiate.

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