Found my old wallet, is it empty?

So I found my old wallet from 2011, I was able to remove my address and PrivateKey using a pywallet. I downloaded Bitcoin-QT, copied the old wallet over and rearranged it with -scan. Since it is a new installation the blockchain is still updating (unfinished from this post).

I searched my address at and it said there was no balance in that address. With that said, are my attempts to retrieve the wallet pointless? I removed the wallet from an old drive so it hasn’t connected since 6/2011. The entire directory is intact and the processed block is still in the directory as well, about 301MB large. Not sure if that helps me at all in this case.

EDIT: This is the pywallet heap with critical data removed. The fact that there is nothing under tx makes me believe that I am wasting my time.

"bestblock": "REDACTED",
"ckey": [],
"defaultkey": "1PSatNhRDmmR6rfK5c9XJvqwB92z7beRa",
"keys": [
        "addr": "1PSatNhRDmmR6rfK5c9XJvqwB92z7beRa",
        "compressed": false,
        "hexsec": "REDACTED",
        "label": "",
        "private": "REDACTED",
        "pubkey": "REDACTED",
        "reserve": 0,
        "sec": "REDACTED",
        "secret": "REDACTED"
"mkey": {},
"names": {
    "1PSatNhRDmmR6rfK5c9XJvqwB92z7beRa": ""
"pool": [],
"settings": {
    "addrProxy": "",
    "fGenerateBitcoins": "False",
    "fUseProxy": "False"
"tx": [],
"version": 32100