GoldenPyrex Users in the Next Phase in DeFi with a Strong Ecosystem

December 17th, 2020, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan – Despite DeFi’s exponential growth throughout 2020, the industry is now dealing with a short-term plateau, as the market matures and projects are tested. Indeed, innovative use cases like governance, product farming, and non-fun tickets (NFTs) will play a vital role in the future economy, but not all will survive.

GoldenPyrex Build a Sustainable and Independent Ticket Ecosystem

One of the key reasons behind failing projects is their improper liquidity assurances. Tickets require liquidity to strive, and this is usually generated through third-party trading. However, one of the key principles of the crypto market is to reduce friction caused by intermediaries, thereby increasing simplicity.

With these aspects in mind, the GoldenPyrex ecosystem was built to facilitate GPYX converged ticket circulation. As a gaming and entertainment platform, the project integrates GDEX, G-SWAP, and GameHouse within a closed-loop ecosystem that eliminates unwanted intermediaries, while facilitating access to quality services.

GoldenPyrex it has a significant value proposition. Its core purpose is to provide consumers with next-gen DeFi solutions that power farming, gaming, and NFTs. To put this into perspective, the project is currently rolling out a series of unique NFTs designed to facilitate the acquisition and customization of rare collectibles. Such NFTs are extremely hyped these days, as the market is developing and collectible-centric economies are sprouting everywhere.

The GoldenPyrex ecosystem will feature its own market, where consumers can essentially negotiate a GYPX utility ticket in exchange for a myriad of tidy collections. Thanks to these stores, ticket market liquidity will increase further.

Highlight the Use Cases Associated with the GoldenPyrex Token

To capture a larger share of the total available market (TAT), GoldenPyrex’s ecosystem is investing significant resources into building a huge use case catalog. As such, some of GPYX’s use cases include, but are not limited to pool farming production, payment of GameHouse commissions, purchase of GameHouse tournament / VIP club tickets, staking, community governance voting, and much more.

It is essential to note that with GoldenPyrex, DeFi enthusiasts worldwide can win through a high utility ticket. This is further explained by a press release made by Ilyas Sadvasakov, founder of GPYX:

“GoldenPyrex makes it easier and significant for DeFi enthusiasts to unite multitasking with the ability to win safely. With awards already set for our loyal followers to win from supported pond farming products, we are confident that we are unlocking a new evolution in the convergence between several modern DeFi components such as Yield Farming, NFTs, and the ability to ‘ the holders GPYX ticket to explore the Games world within the Gamehouse platform as well. ”

The Golden Pyrex ecosystem would not have been possible without the support of the Government of Kazakhstan, as highlighted by Ilyas:

“We are indebted to the Government of Kazakhstan and Astana International Financial Center, both of which have been taking sharp steps to support entrepreneurs in the blockchain and devolved finance field. It is quite evident in the enabling environment that they have provided to Bitcoin miners. Kazakhstan is ranked number 4 in Bitcoin mining contributing largely to the Bitcoin network hash rate. ”

GPYX – Service Overview

The GoldenPyrex ecosystem encourages the use of GPYX tokens among its three main services – product farming, gaming, and the upcoming exchange. Within the product farming interface, consumers can earn GPYX tickets in exchange for pruning Uniswap LP tickets. The gaming interface now supports GPYX-based poker, which is a great way to earn extra tickets.

An innovative PoolPicker game will be launched in the near future. Finally, the upcoming exchange will allow users to exchange GPYX tokens in exchange for other popular assets. The exchange will also come with pool, governance, and bridge features, as part of GoldenPyrex’s all-inclusive system philosophy. GoldenPyrex is ready to continue improving its service catalog, creating lucrative use case scenarios of the GPYX token.

Project Roadmap

During the fourth quarter of 2020, the DeFi platform was officially released, followed by the launch of the UniSwap liquidity pools, and the introduction of GameHouse. GoldenPyrex is currently working on updating its interface and introducing new features. With that being said, during the 1st quarter of 2021, the GPYX token will be listed on the top 30 exchanges featured on CoinMarketCap.

In addition, the GameHouse and Yield Farming will see new features and improvements following a scheduled update. During the 2nd quarter of 2021, GoldenPyrex will release GameHouse on mobile devices and launch GoldenBay, as well as the staking contract.


GoldenPyrex has built a liquidity farming system to govern GPYX token sorting. However, consumers who do not want to farm can always buy GPYX through secure partner exchanges like UniSwap, Coinsbit, a STEX. In fact, Coinsbit recently listed GPYX and supports trading against BTC, ETH, and USDT.

To find out more about DeFi’s future, visit the GPYX website today or the GPYX Uniswap.

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