Has Nicole Kidman Purchased Bitcoin to Trade?

Nicole Kidman, an Australian-American actress and producer of A-lister, has been linked to cryptocurrency and Bitcoin trading. Rumors linking the actress to Bitcoin have emerged, but without Kidman’s confirmation, it’s worth investigating to see if the authenticity of the statements is before they are believed. In this, we examine whether Nicole Kidman has actually invested in Bitcoin or whether the rumors are simply the result of fake news surfaced.

Has Nicole Kidman invested in Bitcoin?

According to our investigation and research into Kidman’s public commentary and any Bitcoin news involving the actress, the rumors appear to be false. Nicole Kidman is not investing in Bitcoin – not publicly at least – and the media that suggests she is spreading fake news.

If she has invested in Bitcoin, which is possible given the private and anonymous nature of Bitcoin, without her confirmation, she cannot know for sure.