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Bitcoin Era Software Review

Bitcoin Era Software Review

Bitcoin Era is a trading platform that allows its clients to trade in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

New York City, NY, December 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – If a person is looking to put his money in the crypto market, there are two ways to do it. They can either choose to invest, or they can trade. Trading and investing are both different ways of putting money in the market. It is important that the person concerned is clear about their financial goals. If they want to make a long-term return, they should invest and hold an asset. And, if they are looking for immediate profit, they should trade. This review is about Bitcoin Era, an automated trading software that helps people trade cryptocurrencies (1).

What factors influence the price of Bitcoin?

Before diving into the review, it is important to know that Bitcoin is a decentralized currency. This means that, unlike money, stocks and regular goods, it is not regulated by any authority or government. They have no control over its value, so they cannot influence rise or fall. Factors such as inflation, tax changes, global economic climate, and others that typically affect stocks, commodities, and other assets have no impact on the price of Bitcoin.

But this does not mean that there is no economic or legal factor influencing the price.

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The most important factor is the simple law in economics, demand and supply. If people demand more Bitcoin and proceed to buy it, the price will rise. And, if supply increases and demand outstrips demand, then the price will fall. Other factors include the cost of production, the regulation that governs it, and the stability of governments.

About Bitcoin Period

Bitcoin Era is a trading platform that allows its clients to trade in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (2). The creators claim that this platform runs an innovative algorithm that processes the volatile crypto market data and generates profit-making trade signals. The creators confirm that these trading signals provide profitable currency pairs, such as Bitcoin / US Dollar or BTC / USD, which are 99.4% accurate.

Members of this platform also confirm the ease of use of the software and the accuracy of predictions. David Williams of Phoenix says, “I had been trading in Bitcoins for a year and lost money through trading on multiple platforms. But, with the Bitcoin Era, things were different. The right predictions, leverage trading, and execution orders fast .com are unique features of this trading platform.

How Does the Bitcoin Period Work?

The trading platforms in the cryptocurrency market, generally work with different exchanges and allow their clients to trade in one or more cryptocurrencies (3). Different trading platforms provide different services. Some may only allow trading in Bitcoins or may provide market price statistics and these must be analyzed by clients. Some platforms are more specialized and offer trade analysis, trading signals, and auto trade functions to their clients. The creators of the Bitcoin Era claim that their software is very complex. It collects the price data in real time, processes the data, and then generates profitable trade signals. Provides many strategies according to clients’ risk profile.

According to the options available on this platform, demo trading, manual trading, and car trading options are available. A beginner can use demo trading to trade in the live market using virtual currency and training before venturing into live trading. Manual trading is for experts who are sure of their skills. Users can navigate to car trading, select certain parameters, and the software will execute the trade.

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How to Use Bitcoin Period?

Listed below are steps to follow for people who want to start using the software-

Step 1: Register on Bitcoin Era

First, people have to visit and sign up to the official platform website. There is a registration form on the “home” page of the website and interested users must provide and fill in the correct details. Once the details are entered, users will be able to access the private members area immediately.

Step 2: Deposit Money in Trading Account

When it comes to opening a trading account and starting trading, this is probably the most important step. Users need to provide their bank details to the platform and deposit some initial funds. $ 250 is the smallest deposit that allows them to start with smaller orders.

Step 3: Account Validation

At this stage, the automated software checks the information provided by users, including personal and bank details. It helps user accounts to be free of scams and swords, which is a common occurrence in the crypto sector.

Finally, the software encrypts the user’s trading account under a secure system. They will then also allow traders to set a custom password for themselves, so they can only access their accounts.

Step 4: Select Parameters Trading and Repair Mode

The platform allows its customers to select and move trading methods according to their preferences. If they want the software to install trades on their behalf, they should choose the support mode. They can also switch to manual mode whenever they are ready to perform crafts on their own.

Traders also need to repair and adjust parameters according to their requirements. As the trading bot pulls out potentially lucrative trade opportunities for the consumers, it must be aware of their choices to bring in the most suitable trades for them (4).

Step 5: Practice Account

Bitcoin Era trading software provides its customers with a practice account. It allows users to familiarize themselves with the software and also gives them much needed exposure to the crypto trading world. The account includes virtual credits and users are allowed to perform mock crafts for practice.

Step 6: Set Crafts and Win

Now, once all the necessary formalities are done, consumers can dive right into executing trade orders. Bitcoin Era will bring out the most suitable trading opportunities for all users based on their trading parameters. If they have turned on the “support mode”, then the software will execute those commands for them as well. It allows users to gain from all of the trades implemented as the software has a success rate of 99.4%.

Step 7: Transfer the Profit to the Bank Account

Software developers are encouraging users to collect their daily profits and transfer it to their savings accounts. It only takes a few minutes to complete the withdrawal process and the profits will be deposited into the users’ accounts within 24-36 hours.

Familiarize yourself with Bitcoin Era using a free demo account.

Benefits of Bitcoin Period

  • It is a web-based platform that can be accessed from any device with a Wi-Fi connection.
  • It is easy to use and has a free trading interface.
  • The backend features allow the clients to test the strategies before real trading.
  • The sophisticated algorithm helps to analyze the price data.
  • Bitcoin Era trade signals are 99.4% accurate which allows members to book profit almost every time.
  • Users can use the auto trade option to operate trades even when they are not online.
  • It allows trading throughout the day, so users can book profits even while sleeping.
  • The trading software uses the ‘time jump’ feature, making it consistent and reliable.

Valuation Policy

Although the developers refer to Bitcoin Era software to be “free”, they charge a minimum transaction fee on all completed transactions on the platform, whether buying or selling. This fee is automatically deducted from the profits the trader earns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Bitcoin Era trading software legal?

Yes, Bitcoin Era trading software is legal. It complies with all trading guidelines set by the appropriate authorities. Therefore, users do not need to worry about the legitimacy of the software as it is a clean and secure platform.

Is it important to gain experience in trading to use the software?

No, it is not compulsory to have any experience in trading to access the software and earn a profit. Software developers are confident that the beginner-friendly platform it will create will help all users achieve its financial goals. The software has a “help mode” that users can turn on at any time.

How much should consumers devote to the trading platform?

Users do not need to dedicate long hours to the platform. This is probably the most important advantage of using automated software. The developers recommend that traders access their trading accounts for 20 minutes each day to adjust their trading options and transfer the profits to their bank accounts.

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Most people worry about the “risk factor” associated with trading a lot. This is the reason behind people being hesitant towards trading. And yes, they are right in analyzing that it involves risk but here is software that claims to provide a 99.4% success rate. This data can be interpreted in several ways. Mathematically speaking, it means that consumers can gain from virtually every trade. Thus, the risk associated with contracts to a negligible level.



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