How to withdraw all money from a Ripple account?

I first bought crypto in September 2020 and have been shopping around for the best wallet to store MY money in .. as a result, I now have a few different wallets with some coins that have this sweeping policy of balance minimum mandatory. I want to close the old accounts TOTALLY and transfer that money to my new wallet on anohter site. This is an illegal restriction on monetray trade. You can’t hold anyone’s money for a ransom like this .. Completely SCAM! Even depots are fully refundable, so what justification do they have for this. I see thousands of people who are also trying to close their xrp account and transfer the full balance. In May 2020, the head of Ripple noted that XRP accounts can now be closed .. But no wallet company is in a hurry to adjust their coding to include this update. This is the worst thing about crypto really. The 2nd worst thing is the rule that smaller currencies can’t be traded directly with others .. ie- you need to get 0.005 ETH to trade Nexo .. etc. That’s a joke !! That rule then forces me to go and invest more to buy ETH. I cannot transfer ANY of the minimum balances in my account to cover this minimum ETH requirement. I have about USD80 sitting in these accounts and cannot transfer any part of it. , anywhere ..