How to work from home – Tips on the benefits of Bitfinex

How to work from home – Tips on the benefits of Bitfinex

You may already know that Bitfinex is a globally distributed company that allows people around the world to use their talents. We have been working smartly since 2014 with success, and now that is becoming a necessity for many companies and individuals, we asked work from home (WFH) for tips to help you get in to things.

  • Set up your own routine

One of the great things about working remotely is that there is no social stigma when you get to the office. Not a morning person? No problem, you can stay in bed a little longer and work a little later. Don’t like breaks? Skip them and finish earlier. Skipping the commute means you can take that lie in, or start sooner too!

  • But make sure you have a routine

The pros recommend keeping your morning routine, commuting banned. Get up, shower, get dressed, coffee. Start with exercise as usual? Youtube has a variety of free videos with few tools needed. It is important though to continue with the normal workday routine so that you do not see work and life balancing.

Set aside some desk or table space, even a special chair that will be your working space. Sitting there will help your brain mimic the feeling of traveling to work, getting you in the work-focused zone.

  • Use other things to mentally transition from home to work

In addition to your specific place, one of the officers recommended having a specific working mug. For example, if you normally had your first morning coffee at home, use any old smoke. If you have a coffee when you’re about to start a highly focused piece of work? Put it in your special work mug and keep it on hand in your new remote workspace as a visual reminder to focus.

  • Find a new way to socialize

They recommend calling friends digitally during breaks or setting up dinner dates to catch up. Group chats over WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram – are all great ways to get some social contact. How about with colleagues? Scheduling regular meetings is important as it is easier to lose out of office synchronization with each other, it’s okay if you go over the same things a few times too it keeps everyone reminded of the priorities.