How Tosdis.Finance Transforms DeFi into a Scalable Service Solution

Every few years since the advent of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry sees a groundbreaking innovation that creates new divisions that promise to reach the level of impact and penetration as the asset class gets in a spot another in the larger financial space.

Most recently, the explosion of decentralized finance (DeFi) has led to a more inclusive, highly accessible alternative to traditional, centralized banking products. But early technology, like other early cryptocurrency solutions, is flawless, and it takes the right developer to combine an exciting idea to create the perfect storm development.

Tosdis.Finance could be a breakthrough, instructing in a new era as DeFi-as-a-service – specifically, an innovative interaction of Liquid Staking and Staking-as-a-Service. This is why this new DeFi model is a completely untouched horizon and a wonderful opportunity for the crypto community.

Tosdis.Finance: Connecting Existing Crypto Through Scalable DeFi Service

Computer software was a huge driver of the early success of Internet brands. But ultimately, SaaS – Software-as-a-Service – dominated the old distribution models and that’s how businesses access such technology today.

DeFi started in a similar role but will soon be transformed into a service standard by Tosdis.Finance. To achieve this, Tosdis is bringing together Staking-as-a-Service and Liquid Staking to make digital assets even more accessible to crypto users.

The new model builds a bridge between ERC-20 tokens and other blockchains for a frictionless network of wrapped and stacked Tosdis tokens, building even non-DeFi tickets into the decentralized finance ecosystem more.

How Tosdis Works and Will Encourage Cross-Chain Interaction

The protocol allows any crypto holder to contribute to their preferred asset – such as Polkadot, Binance, Chainlink, Tron, Ethereum, EOS, and others – through Tosdis EasyStake. The newly-stacked Tosdis tokens that the holders receive can be traded or used in various DeFi applications and on virtually any blockchain network.

In essence, Tosdis.Finance’s DeFi-as-a-service solution turns the entire crypto market into one decentralized interoperable infrastructure. As a result, the cross-chain technology will break down the barriers between each blockchain and build a more inclusive future of digital finance.

EasyStake Tosdis has included all the concerns, even offering a way for smart contracts and product farming to be used at low prices for other blockchain users in a similar capacity to the many other DeFi applications outlined above. Product farming capabilities, and liquid sticker for PoS coins such as Ethereum, are all due in Q1 2021.

Tosdis TOSDEX’s decentralized exchange protocol due in Q2 2021 offers the lowest fees anywhere and uses the unique liquid staking mechanism. Other DeFi applications that Tosdis can replicate across any blockchain network include peer-to-peer lending, lending, and more – all without the need for third-party intervention.

To learn more about Tosdis.Finance, DeFi-as-a-Service, and the future of cross-chain interoperability check out the Tosdis.Finance website.