‘I made £ 10k on Bitcoin despite my wife’s protests. Do I have to share the profits? ‘

I got into a bit of money after taking a pound and buying some Bitcoin a few months ago. I invested £ 15,000 and have earned myself a nice profit of £ 10,000, but I’m not sure what to do with the money.

I would like to use it to buy a sports car for myself. BMW is used to a nearby garage that my eye is on. My wife disagrees – she says we should spend it on replacing our shared car, which is becoming very unreliable and far too small for us. The thing is, I feel like this profit is my money.

At the time my wife told me not to buy the Bitcoins. He said I was being stupid and I would miss it all. I decided to do it anyway and it has paid off. If it were up the £ 15,000 would still be in our bank account, losing value with each passing day. I understand we need a new car – but we could save for a few years as we would have done anyway. Am I selfish in wanting to spend this money on myself?

RF, Dundee

Some readers would rail at your wife’s cheek. It is very bold for her to override your original decision and insist that the profits are spent for her own benefit. By distancing yourself from your decision, she might give up her share of the proceeds, they would say.

After all, if things had gone the other way, it is highly unlikely that he would have offered to split the losses and pay half the £ 10,000. People who do their research and make good investment calls should get their just reward. As you say, were it not for your investment, the family would have less money now than it did a few months ago, because of the power of inflation erosion.

Yet, others would be shocked by your behavior. You openly admit that the family really needs a new car and that it would take you years to save for one otherwise. Are you really going to make the lives of your loved ones harder and less comfortable in order to ruin your new open head?

The key question, though, is who your money is. If your wife refused to give her own money and used personal funds, then it is more reasonable that you would want to spend the profits on yourself only. However, if it were family money you invested, it seems selfish not to share the earnings – you wouldn’t have been able to make that profit without your wife’s capital support in the first place.

If it was the latter, it was irresponsible of you to gamble the family’s savings on a very risky investment – especially as your wife felt uncomfortable with it. You’ve been lucky this time but things could have gone very differently. For the thousands of stories of people making their fortunes on Bitcoin, there are thousands more who have lost it all.

Perhaps in the future you and your wife should compromise and make investment decisions together. You are likely to make more balanced choices and have no confusion about how gains or losses should be shared.

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