IDX Insights Launches IDX Tactical Bitcoin Index and Selects Coinbase for Its Custodial and Delivery Services

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., December 3, 2020 / PRNewswire / – IDX Insights, a research and development company, announces the launch of the IDX Tactical Bitcoin Index on Coinbase. The index is designed to conveniently allocate between bitcoin and cash using a rules-based proprietary process. The index seeks to provide a risk-controlled allocation option for investors seeking exposure to bitcoin with lower volatility and lower withdrawals than a long allocation only. Coinbase, Inc. clients can now. engage with IDX Insights directly in order to implement IDX Tactical Bitcoin Index strategy in their accounts.

Ben McMillan, founding partner and CIO of IDX Insights, said, “We love that investors can now invest in our Bitcoin Tactical Index through Coinbase. As institutional interest in bitcoin has continued to grow, we continue to believe, now more than has always been, and is, a tactical approach to this asset class is a more prudent approach for most investors.As the main institutional custodian and trading venue for bitcoin, it makes sense that Coinbase continues to lead the a way in unlocking innovative solutions for investors. “

Brian FosterCoinbase and Coinbase Ventures’ Institutional Coverage team said: “Institutional investors are now allocating to crypto in size, and we believe many will be risk-controlled strategies. We are excited to support IDX as their custodian and implement reliable. partner. ”

About IDX Insights, LLC (
IDX Insights focuses on developing innovative index solutions across the alternative landscape. Learn more about IDX Tactical Bitcoin Index at: The corporate name of IDX Insights, LLC and all related logos are the exclusive intellectual property of IDX Insights, LLC.

About Coinbase
Coinbase is the easiest and most reliable place to buy, sell and manage crypto, offering a suite of products for institutional investors, active traders, businesses and individuals. Our institutional clients include leading endowments, corporations, hedge funds, VCs, RIAs, fintechs, and banks. Coinbase’s institutional trading business operates one of the largest regulated exchanges and leading agency brokerage, which algorithmically executes large orders across multiple locations, maintaining trade secrecy and minimizing market impact. Coinbase Custody is a Qualified Custodian and a Limited Purpose Trust Company regulated by NYDFS. Coinbase Custody supports more than 70 assets and enables unique protocol capabilities such as staking and governance, allowing clients to maximize their assets.

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