Introduce fast GBP deposits and withdrawals for Bitpanda users living in the UK

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We are pleased to announce, through ClearBank and their Faster Payments service, that Bitpanda users are now able to deposit and withdraw British Pound Sterling (GBP) by bank transfer through their UK bank account. Absolutely free and faster than ever before!

At Bitpanda, our goal is to bring investments to everyone. While we are growing rapidly and expanding into more regions of Europe, we are also working tirelessly to improve our services to our existing users. Today, we’re excited to unveil something special for our UK consumers. Thanks to ClearBank, deposits and withdrawals in British pounds (GBP) to and from your Bitpanda account are fast to lightning while remaining completely free.

What is Faster Payments?

Payments processed through Faster Payments are processed almost immediately, meaning that deposits and withdrawals should arrive within a maximum of two hours. You can read how Faster Payments works here.

So what are you waiting for? Go check it out!

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