IOTA to Power WeChat Inspired Messaging Application for Businesses

Blackpin – a business messaging application, is choosing IOTA to build a “digital transaction platform for agile working in the future” similar to WeChat but for enterprises in line with the December 16 update.

Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has been devastating. From a human resources perspective, businesses are adapting to a new reality. For continuity, employees now perform tasks remotely.

Leading companies like Facebook and Twitter are introducing new policies, allowing their staff members the choice to work from home – or their preferred locations.

The new shift proves that effective remote cooperation is possible. Models are now coming up, integrating changes caused by the pandemic, reinforcing the view that it is still efficient to perform remote duties without interruption.

A New Way of Business Collaboration

Blackpin is a GDPR / DSGVO compliant courier currently available for European businesses. Deviating from the in-house collaboration that most courier applications focus on, its developers are launching a solution for enterprises. Here, Blackpin will act as a B2B platform to facilitate information exchange while simultaneously providing a billing solution and creating legally binding contracts.

Their solution seeks to emulate WeChat in the B2B space. In his words, Sandra Jorg, CEO of Blackpin, said:

“In fact, we still have much to do. Similar to WeChat in China in the C2C area, our technology should be deployed in B2B area throughout Europe if possible. “

IOTA and Tangle as the Foundation Tier

This is the basic solution that will now run on IOTA. The Tangle will be the infrastructure for the secure exploration and storage of data without Blackpin launching a new cryptocurrency.

Unlike other distributed ledger systems, IOTA transactions are cheaper. Also, it is designed in such a way that increasing utilities will not choke the network but rather increase throughput for an infinite scalable platform.

Notably, Blackpin’s needs will easily be met from current ledger offerings. Already, the IOTA ecosystem includes solutions that touch digital identity, smart contracting, asset management, and digital payment solutions. It will be an adequate digital trust infrastructure that meets Blackpin’s needs.

Like BTCManager reported, IOTA is now working on decentralizing its network and has the Chrysalis Phase 2 test network was successfully unveiled.

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