Kraken’s CEO, Jesse Powell, Named on Coindesk’s ‘Most Influential’ 2020 List

Courtesy of Matt Kane

Kraken CEO Jesse Powell has made it his mission to ease the adoption curve for new cryptocurrency investors and traders – and that vision is having an industry-wide impact.

In fact, Coindesk, one of the market’s leading announcements, has recognized Jesse by selecting him as one of his “Most Influential” people for 2020.

The list, which included MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor and Ark Invest founder Cathie Wood, highlighted Jesse’s success this year in establishing Kraken as a bank in Wyoming. In September, Kraken became the first digital asset company to receive a statewide banking charter.

In his interview with the publication, Jesse discussed the importance of Kraken Bank to the company and the broader development of cryptocurrencies, and explained how his work with legislators helped push the state to the forefront of digital asset banking.

Thanks to Kraken’s efforts in Wyoming, Jesse explained how Kraken hopes to ignite a path for clients looking to harness the power of digital assets for financial inclusion.

Jesse said:

“That’s like the holy grail. Instead of getting your pay check go to Bank of America and you have to send it back to the exchange, you could have your pay check deposited directly into your Kraken account. ”

In additional comments, Jesse elaborated on how he will work with national legislators in 2021 to provide clarity for digital assets.

Jesse acknowledges that governments and politicians could try to block the rise of the digital asset sector, and expressed his commitment to educating them further on the technology.

“If something comes up in court, they might be trying to figure it out for the first time, so it might come down to the judge,” said Powell. “While these things are specifically stated in Wyoming.”

Check out Jesse’s full interview here.

Kraken would also like to send special congratulations to all the other members of CoinDesk’s Most Influential 2020 list. We celebrate your contributions to the digital asset industry!