Meet Two New Cryptoart Resources: & NFTArtPulse

2020 was a banner year for the nascent and floral cryptoart scene, which is so popular because its participants created works of art such as non-fun tickets, (NFTs), selling or auctioning the pieces on blockchains like Ethereum in exchange for cryptocurrencies as ETH.

As the cryptoeconomy turned increasingly bullish this year, interest was also growing around NFTs and cryptoart. This led to innovators in this new creative arena achieving new heights of acclaim and new success, and many new artists and collectors arriving to explore the ecosystem for themselves.

The results of this cryptoart wave so far have been impressive. On the popular Ethereum SuperRare art platform alone, artists and collectors respectively have earned $ 4.5 million and $ 1 million to date, for example.

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So, as you can imagine, much of this activity has come this year as interest has risen. Yet for all this activity, there is still plenty of room for growth in cryptoart analytics.

There are already great providers in this sector, such as OpenSea and But there has been a growing demand for projects that offer deeper data insights into cryptoart in particular, so the good news is two such efforts that emerged this week: and NFTArtPulse. Richard Chen

Richard Chen is a partner in renowned crypto investment fund 1confirmation, which counts among its major investor backers such as Marc Andreesen and Peter Thiel.

In recent weeks, Chen has been working on as a love labor side project tracking cryptoart data on the largest cryptoart platforms, including SuperRare, MakersPlace, Nifty Gateway, and more.

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The newly released free site is useful because it offers insights into +1,000 cryptoartists, the most expensive NFT art pieces, and the broader Ethereum art market in general.

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In a thread on the release of the new website, 1confirmation general partner Nick Tomaino highlighted some notable developments that can now be easily gathered through, such as how over 500 cryptoartists have sold + $ 4,000 worth of NFTs and how Pak is the first cryptoartist to have a body of NFTs worth over $ 1 million.

It will be interesting to see how these stats continue to roll out over the coming months and years, and a resource like will make doing so much easier. So the ecosystem and its infrastructure is growing and it may have much more room to grow, Tomaino added:

“Not unreasonable to think that [Pak’s] & [Hackatao’s] success can help catapult the entire cryptoart industry much like the success of BTC and ETH has helped catapult the entire cryptocurrency industry. “

NFTArtPulse Also Reaching Help

For cryptoart enthusiasts who wanted to go deeper in understanding ecosystem events, they enjoyed a double dose of support this week as the release soon followed with the unveiling of NFTArtPulse.

Published by NFT merchant and Matty expert DCL Blogger, the new platform acts as “the NFT art data feed site for collectors, artists and beyond.”

The site allows users to quickly check the latest cryptoart sales in real time, and offers a variety of search functions, eg artist sales filtering and sales growth.

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Going forward, the platform team plans to expand beyond just data services to galleries, interviews, a Wiki Artist hub, and more.

Looking forward to

No doubt, and NFTArtPulse will grow from here, adding support for further NFT platforms for better data and the like.

Moreover, these two referees will certainly not be the last new entrants to the cryptoart data analytics sector. The pitch is still so early and so open that we’re likely to see more than a few more plays from here. And yet, it all rises synergistically towards the same point: a more successful and robust cryptoart scene.