Mining and Investment 2020 Summit Industry Leaders Collected to Discuss Risk and Opportunities in Today’s Market

On November 24th, Bitmain joined Matrixport to host the 2020 Mining and Investment Summit. This half-day online event brought together leading companies in the fields of Cryptocurrency Mining and Digital Asset Financial Services, who presented the latest Global Mining Trends and most significantly, Risk Management, and Investment Opportunities that are currently occurring in the industry.

The Mining and Investment Summit consisted of three keynote speeches and a three-panel discussion. Su Ke, EMIS CIS Antminer Region Sales Director, participated and delivered the inaugural keynote speech, in which he addressed current market trends, particularly the growing demand for miners. It also announced the launch of Bitmain’s new products – Antminer S19j and S19j Pro, following the significant success of Series 19. The distribution date for this miner has been set in June for China and July for the overseas market.

Su Ke then introduced Bitmain’s recent new product in the form of a rack – AntRack, highlighting its key features, such as its modular design with hot interchangeable features, upgradeable hash boards, and the water coolers unit. Su Ke also announced that AntRack will have an estimated availability in May 2021.

Following Su Ke’s presentation, Cynthia Wu, Matrixport’s Head of BD and Sales, and Eugene Ng, BD Matrixport’s Director, discussed how miners could maximize hedging returns and risks in today’s market. They discussed Matrixport products of hedge with induced bear, purchase of insurance (purchase of protective giving), dual cash product, smart trend, and lending. This was followed by Thomas Heller, COO of Compass, who explained the current state of Bitcoin mining. In the panel discussions, industry elites talked about the global mining landscape, interesting mining trends in 2020, as well as the operations and investment in mining.

The summit came at a critical time for the industry as market demand for new and innovative ways to strengthen digital mining grew, and the global landscape is undergoing a major reshaping. Bitmain is looking to get involved and even hold more events like this to develop and share insightful observations and directions, along with the industry’s top thoughts.

Interested viewers can find the event video here. If you are interested in taking part in the next online event, please get in touch [email protected]

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