Mobile App Change Log 3.27.0

Mobile App Change Log 3.27.0

Recent updates and optimizations to Bitfinex mobile app

We are proud to present Version 3.27.0 from the Bitfinex mobile app.

The latest update to the Bitfinex mobile app includes the addition of Lightning Network deposits.

Download the latest version of Bitfinex mobile app below:

Now you can also download the Android Application Pack (APK) at:


  • Redesigned Deposit panel in Wallets tab
  • Add a dedicated Tether deposit page
  • Add Bitcoin (Lightning Network) option in the Cryptocurrency menu of the Deposit panel


  • When a user taps consecutively in the Funding panel or Order Book, the corresponding amount and price are automatically filled in the Booking Form or Finance, respectively
  • Add a search bar in the Price Alerts elevator in the Account tab
  • Price alert numbers are displayed on the Price Alerts page of the Account tab
  • Add the Tether Gold (XAU ₮) icon and place its display in the Financing tab

Bug fixes

  • When a user selects on Cancel All Commands within a selected tab, ie Trading tab or Derivatives *, only orders in that tab will be canceled
  • Fixed calendar-related issues in the Report panel date range selector in the Wallets tab
  • Fixed issue blocking function of Android landscape height adjustment after rotation

* Derivatives trading products are provided by iFinex Financial Technologies Limited
The active user base has suggested the above changes to us.

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