Mobile App Change Log 3.29.0

Mobile App Change Log 3.29.0

Recent updates and optimizations to Bitfinex mobile app

We are proud to present Version 3.29.0 from the Bitfinex mobile app.

The latest update to the Bitfinex mobile app includes several enhancements to the trading charts on our platform.

Download the latest version of Bitfinex mobile app below:

Now you can also download the Android Application Pack (APK) at:


  • More charts
  • Lock page scrolling when a user taps on the chart
  • More responsive scrolling
  • Access a full Trade or Funding Book via the lower right of the appropriate panel
  • Add new Trading Summary entries


  • When connecting to the app, a countdown timer of 10 seconds is displayed. Upon expiration, the app automatically changes to a PIN entry for login

Bug fixes

  • The number of days in the PER column of the Matching panel of each edge trading pair is now displayed as integers without decimals.
  • “Leverage trading” notice renamed “margin trading”
  • Fixed the edge translation in TW / CN
  • Fixed the issue of setting the funding rate to 7%
  • Fixed the issue of not clearing Funding Return selectors after a successful order
  • Fixed issue affecting the app when refreshing the deposit address button

The active user base has suggested the above changes to us.

Feedback from our user base is extremely valuable to us. Share your user experience and help us continually optimize our mobile app.

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