Mobile App Change Log 3.34.0

Mobile App Change Log 3.34.0

Recent updates and optimizations to Bitfinex mobile app

We are proud to present Version 3.34.0 from the Bitfinex mobile app.

The latest update to the Bitfinex mobile app includes rearranging each trading pair’s page along with several enhancements to maintain the best trading experience for our mobile users.

Download the latest version of Bitfinex mobile app below:

You can also download the Android Application Pack (APK).


  • Support for IOTA Deposits (MIOTA)
  • Wallet balances displayed concisely for quick reference


  • Faster start time
  • Add translation for tables in the Finance and Wallet tabs
  • Rearranged panels on each trading pair’s page, with the new order being ticker, chart, order form, jobs, order book, summary, trades, orders, order history and liquidations
  • Small adjustments of buttons and font styles for zooming consistency
  • Updated permission names in the Account tab to align with the web version
  • Improved response time on each trading pair page

Bug fixes

  • Negative values ​​for funding offer are now accepted when the Delta Fixed FRR option is selected
  • Fixed notch edition and modal riser for landscape mode on iOS
  • Fixed authentication and connection issues
  • Fixed form error notification in the Auto-Renew panel in the Financing tab
  • Fixed clear input field error in pin code page enter
  • Fixed installation error while loading theme properties
  • Fixed error while configuring settings without sufficient permissions
  • TradingView static link within charts
  • Fixed issue without permission to write in Order Book
  • Fixed error when rejecting notification
  • Fixed occasional issue of the Order Book stuck when loaded

The active user base has suggested the above changes to us.

Feedback from our customers is invaluable to us. Share your user experience and help us continually optimize Bitfinex’s mobile app.

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