New, Faster Crypto Exchange Experience by James Pettinger | @blockchain | Nov, 2020

James Pettinger users are avid traders. They are always looking for new and innovative ways to trade, capture and exchange crypto – especially when there are big market movements. So we’re excited to share that we’ve rethought our Exchange experience and made it faster, cheaper and better than before.

Although the first version of Swap is entirely chain-based, the downside is that when the network is busy and fees increase all exchanges are slow and expensive. We firmly believe in the right of every consumer to manage their own money and will continue to support swaps on the chain, but today we introduce an option for direct exchange in the Trading Wallet.

When you choose crypto to exchange, for another crypto, in the Trading Wallet the fees will be low and clearly quoted, the exchange will be almost instant, and it should feel effortless. This new experience is available to Gold and Silver level users who are eligible to use Trading Wallets, and is limited to the assets supported in Wallet. They can even use Exchange to move money to the new Exchange experience from their Prison-free Wallet.

For non-Gold level global users, you will be able to exchange crypto as you have in the past. We hope to make this enhanced experience available to more consumers over time.

What are you waiting for? Try the new Exchange experience today.