NEXT Becomes a Real Coin, Launches Exchange | by Satoshi Knotabolo

Satoshi Knotabolo

Coin and Hybrid Exchange Review NEXT

NEXT is the native coin for the exchange of the same name. The ticket started as an ERC20 and has now migrated to its own chain. It is a coin that can be merged with BTC. This allows him to take advantage of Bitcoin’s security while adding value to NEXT mining.

30 million is settled as the largest supply. The distribution is an interesting one at 45% mined and 55% stacked for future prizes.

Still 100 NEXT will giving consumers a 50% trading fee discount, a share of platform fees, early access to IEO’s, use of fiat portals, car panning and other utilities. The ticket has swapped into its own coin in early 2020 and shifted focus to trading.

That’s enough for me, most native exchange tokens have the discount and trading pair utilities. I’m worried about the share of fees, the biggest supply, and the inflation rate going forward. The first 2 look great for NEXT and the 3 are not bad considering how early in the development the NEXT chain is.

The NEXT hybrid exchange is nearing the launch of a new trading interface. I am already on the exchange and submitting details for KYC, I will post a more detailed review at launch. The Dutch-based group has healthy competition but their timing seems ideal.

Now you don’t even need to leave to exchange over 400 different cryptos. Here @