Oregon Duck, Harry the Husky roasts each other despite a canceled game

Saturday’s football game between Oregon and Washington was canceled, the Pac-12 announced Thursday, because the Huskies do not have enough players available to play with COVID-19 positive cases and contact tracking thereafter.

But one of the best elements of this Pac-12 rivalry game remains with The Oregon Duck still doing what it does best: Roasting Washington’s Harry The Husky on Twitter. This is so much fun.

And while there’s no football game, The Duck reminded everyone that Oregon and Washington are supposed to play each other in Saturday night basketball in Seattle – the ducks are 8.5 points favorites – and that’s a good excuse for him tease the Huskies’ mascot.

To his credit, Harry The Husky has had some pretty great injections so far too. But, as we’ve noted in previous seasons, The Duck’s jokes and insults are not harmed.

So here’s a look at some of the highlights of The Oregon Duck’s and Harry The Husky’s trash talk. (They fire tweets together every few minutes, so we’ll update this post.)

Harry The Husky is dragging Washington State to this feudal now.