PolkaStarter [POLS] Token Price Surges Awake Second IDO Announcement

Polkastarter [POLS], one of the upcoming DEX launches of its platform on December 17 recorded a huge price rally, seeing the POLS ticket price move from a daily low of $ 0.390 to a daily high of $ 0.566. The current price rally comes just hours after MahaDAO announced that they would launch their own IDO on the upcoming launch of the Polkastarter platform.



Source: Coingecko

This is the second IDO announcement for the Polastarter 1.0 that would launch next week with three projects. Prior to the MahaDAO announcement, there was another SpiderDAO defi project, a hardware DAO built on top of the Polkadot blockchain, and interestingly both IDO announcements came within the last 24 hours.

Polkastarter’s official Twitter account noted that his upcoming DEX would list three projects in the first week of which two have already been announced but didn’t offer many suggestions for a possible third project.

However, he did talk about the recent Airbnb IPO and the possibility of one of the three listed projects being as successful as the recently closed “Airbnb IPO”.

Devolved Platforms and Defi Tickets Among the Biggest Winners This year

Bitcoin may be the talk of the town right now but Defi and DEXs of Ethereum have been the real-life success story of 2020. Defi’s market of over $ 17 billion is currently starting at around $ 1.7 billion at the start of the year. Most of the Defi tokens have done well in the market including Yearn Finance which registered its highest ever level of $ 43,873.

Defi’s popularity is evident from the fact that during Uniwasp, one of the popular DEXs, during Defi’s peak dominance, it generated more trading volume than the top cryptocurrency exchanges combined. Despite a few instances of exploitation and hacking, the Defi ecosystem has managed to overcome those intimidations to offer better use cases, and one of the big ones is Forex trading. The Defi ecosystem is expected to grow further once ETH 2.0 becomes fully operational.

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